1920s Classic Cars For Sale

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1927 Ford Model A

8 cylinder Gasoline engine, runs great, excellent condition, turbo transmission, red, 1,260 miles.

$13,500   Banning, California

1928 Chevy Cabriolet

When you want a '20s-style classic that's more distinct than a Model A, the Chevy is the right way to go. But nearly 90 years later, we are reminded that not all were created equal or treated the same. That's why we get excited about this...

$35,995   La Vergne, Tennessee

1923 Studebaker Big 6

For many of us, the name 'Studebaker' may not be that common, but in the early days of motoring, cars like this 1923 Studebaker Big Six touring were very well-known, highly respected, and admired...

$29,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1923 Ford T-Bucket

A lot of folks thought the day of the T-bucket was over, but recent strong sales (we've sold several in the past few months) suggest...

$19,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1929 Mercedes-Benz Gazelle

We know why you're looking at this roadster. There's just something cool about these reproduction Mercedes-Benz Gazelle cars when everything is done right. It has the classy red/black combo, beautifully built body, and manual transmission...

$6,995   La Vergne, Tennessee

1929 Ford Model A

Sure, this 1929 Model A is quite a catch just based on its place in automotive history, but it happens to have a lot more going for it than just that. Thoroughly configured for modern driving, it's one rolling piece of nostalgia...

$39,995   Fort Worth, Texas

1923 Ford Model T Roadster Pickup

If you like your rods to be a little bit creative and a lot traditional, perhaps this 1923 Ford Model T roadster pickup will appeal to you. A little bit Model T, a little bit Model A, and with a big helping of Chevy small block power...

$22,995   Fort Worth, Texas

1923 Ford T-Bucket

Nothing makes the scene quite like a 1923 Ford T-Bucket. So when an extra-fresh build has a fully coordinated two-tone paintjob, plenty of chrome, and a V8 that's leading the way, you know you're looking a special deal...

$15,995   Lutz, Florida

1924 Ford Model T

Considered by the majority of experts to be the most influential car of all time, it's hard to overestimate the impact the Model T had on both the automotive industry and the car buying public...

$34,995   Fort Worth, Texas

1923 Ford T-Bucket

What you're seeing here is the triumphant return of the T-bucket to relevance in today's hot-rodding world. The basics are still recognizable: an open engine compartment, a minimalist 'bucket' of a cabin, and giant rear tires...

$28,995   Fort Worth, Texas