Classic Cars: Ford Mustangs For Sale

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1968 Ford Mustang

If you think all the solid, clean, original Mustangs are gone, take another look at this lovely 1968 Ford Mustang coupe. You can call it a survivor, with its original driveline fully intact...

$16,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1967 Ford Mustang

There is a long list of desirable features in a first-generation Mustang. At the top are items like the fastback profile and a believed to be original 390 V8. So when you find a finely restored example...

$75,995   Concord, North Carolina

1966 Ford Mustang

This is a lot of Mustang for not a lot of money. You'd be hard-pressed to find a duplicate to this A-code pony with a strong-running 289 4V engine and a 4-speed for the asking price. Bright silver paint, a beautiful interior, and a lot of charisma...

$19,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1968 Ford Mustang GT350

How do you get a restored dream machine, save thousands, and get some great upgrades? A car like this 1968 Ford Mustang GT350 tribute offers you everything from a performance-built V8 to ice-cold A/C. It's truly the best

$58,995   Concord, North Carolina

1965 Ford Mustang

A classic 1965 Ford Mustang is always alluring, but this one has all the right touches to standout in all the best ways. With its bright modern blue, A/C interior, and upgraded suspension, it's the perfect way to cruise this American icon...

$24,995   La Vergne, Tennessee

1984 Ford Mustang LX

This is it, the car that re-started the muscle car craze in the early 1980s. This 1984 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 was the first volley in the second round of the horsepower wars, and it gets everything right, even today...

$11,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1968 Ford Mustang

You already know that a bright red 1968 Ford Mustang fastback is the best was to get all the right kind of attention, but take some time to dig deeper into this classic. With its original V8, you're looking at the iconic sports car...

$38,995   La Vergne, Tennessee

1971 Ford Mustang Fastback

By 1971, the writing was on the wall, but Ford was still building cars like this Mustang fastback, which delivered plenty of thrills using small block power and handsome good looks. Offering an awesome color combination, 351 Cleveland power...

$25,995   Fort Worth, Texas

1965 Ford Mustang

True pony car fans should listen up. You're looking at a 1964.5 Ford Mustang with a low San Jose production number (VIN stamped 102501) that has been restored in its correct colors. And you can get it all for under $20K!...

$19,995   La Vergne, Tennessee

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

This 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is original where you want it (like the V8), upgrades where you need it (like top-loaded four-speed), and has an all-around great presentation from its restoration...

$44,995   Concord, North Carolina