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1941 Lincoln Continental

Rarity, distinction, and style... this 1941 Lincoln Continental Club Coupe was built for an exclusive class of American who wanted to blend graceful European curves with American flair. It was available to the few who could afford it...

$64,995   Mesa, Arizona

1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Brown, good condition, New tires, eight cylinder Gasoline engine, automatic transmission, has 36,100 miles.

$10,500   Ponca City, Oklahoma

1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Despite decades of engineering progress, nobody has managed to duplicate the floating, effortless feeling of a true American Luxury car like this 1977 Lincoln Mark V. With a giant V8 up front, chiseled features, and a long list of features...

$12,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1954 Lincoln Capri

Remember when Lincolns were the cars of choice for the most grueling races of the 1950s? Yes, Lincolns! Cars like this 1954 Lincoln Capri were renowned for their big horsepower, tidy handling, and bulletproof construction...

$15,995   Fort Worth, Texas

1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

The '70s were both a great time and an awful time for American luxury cars. On the plus side, cars like this 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV had effortless power, incomparable ride quality, and a bigger-than-life persona...

$16,995   Fort Worth, Texas

1946 Lincoln Continental

There was an absolute top-of-the-line domestic car for the discerning few in 1946, and this Lincoln Continental is it. With this distinction also comes extreme rarity... only 201 convertibles were built this year...

$47,995   La Vergne, Tennessee

1976 Lincoln Continental

It's kind of hard not to fall in love with a long and luxurious surviving classic when it's at such an unbeatable price. From the big 460 V8 under the hood, to the opera windows in the vinyl roof, everything you could ever ask for...

$9,995   Concord, North Carolina

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

There is a certain level of luxury reserved for the discerning few, and this 1956 Continental Mark II truly represents this upper echelon of rare vintage vehicles. Yes, it was even above Lincoln in the hierarchy, but we did list it in the name...

$64,995   Lutz, Florida

1977 Lincoln Continental

One owner, 129,110 miles, 8 cylinder engine, brown, excellent condition, kept in garage.

$5,950   Shepherd, Minnesota

1973 Lincoln Continental

You will never again see full-sized land yachts like this 1973 Lincoln Continental roaming the highways. If you've driven one, you know the sense of serenity, power, and absolute isolation these cars deliver...

$14,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia