Classic Cars For Sale in Georgia

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1955 Chevy 210

This amazing 1955 Chevy 210 is exactly why we don't talk in absolutes around here. For example, if I had claimed the last '55 Chevy to come through was 'the nicest we'd ever seen...

$94,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1956 Chevy Nomad

Restomod. There was a time when this 1956 Chevrolet Nomad would have been overlooked for its hardtop siblings, but that day is long gone. Today the Nomad is near the top of every Chevy fan's wish list, and this gorgeous wagon gets a lot of things right...

$82,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1966 Chevy Corvette

Imagine that you could get an L72 427/425 in your Corvette for just $312 today. With that in mind, this 1966 Corvette convertible was probably a staggering bargain when it was new. Today, it's a formidable performer that looks fantastic...

$89,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

You see cars like this 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone in magazines with dramatic photos and breathless prose, but you don't ever think you can own such a car. After all, it costs six figures to have the pros build something like that...

$82,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1970 Chevy Chevelle

This incredible pro-built 1970 Chevelle reads like a wish list for every car guy on the planet. Look past the price, which is still only a fraction of the build cost, and realize that you just won't get 720 horsepower, show-quality bodywork...

$79,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1969 Chevy Camaro

If you set out to build the ultimate 1969 Camaro, what would it look like? Awesome paint? Check. Big block? Oh heck yes! Four-wheel discs? Yep! Road-carving suspension?, But of course! Well, forget about building it yourself, here it is...

$82,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1940 Ford Cabriolet

This cool Vanilla 1940 Ford convertible coupe is a grown-up hot rod. No flames, no goofy body mods, no obnoxious exhaust, just a show-quality custom build that cost thousands more than the asking price and delivering a professional level...

$92,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

As the middle child of the Tri-Five Chevys, we get fewer 1956 Bel Airs than '55s and '57s. Why this is, I can't say, but it does mean that when an ultra-nice '56 Bel Air convertible like this shows up everyone takes notice...

$96,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia

1973 Dodge Dart Sport

Leather upholstery, power steering, bucket seats, tinted glass, radio, mint condition, 27 miles on engine, automatic transmission, full Roll Cage Gasoline engine.

$85,500   Harlem, Georgia

1967 Pontiac GTO

What do you get when you take the GTO and turn it up to 11? Maybe something like this '67 GTO Restomod hardtop. It packs a 535 CI aluminum big block, a 4-speed, a gorgeous interior, and the right hardware to make it scary fast yet streetable....

$82,995   Lithia Springs, Georgia