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1996 Mack CH 613 Dump Truck

21 feet long, fire extinguisher, power seats, cruise control, power steering, 18-Speed Extended Range Twin-Splitter Manual transmission, great condition, air suspension, 427hp T-2180 Mack Diesel engine, White.

$29,950   Peterson, Utah

1999 Mack DM690S Roll Off Truck

Spring suspension, power steering, AM/FM radio, new tires, 25 feet, good condition, gray, 9 speed Eaton transmission.

$29,000   Greenville, Texas

2004 Mack Vision Dump Truck

Manual transmission, spring suspension, runs great, excellent condition, backup sensor, fog lights, fire extinguisher, cruise control, power windows, power seats, radio, power steering, white.

$55,000   Frederick, Maryland

1996 Mack Midliner MS200P Box Truck

Great condition, airbag, power steering, AM and FM radio, power windows, air conditioning, 80,000 miles, Manual transmission, white.

$20,000   San Diego, California

1980 Mack R686ST Pole Sitter

Orange, great condition, 170,914 miles, power steering, Manual transmission, 350hp 6-Cylinder Mack Diesel engine.

$5,500   Klamath Falls, Oregon

2012 Mack CHU613

Air suspension, 505hp MP8 Mack Diesel engine, blue, fire extinguisher, roof vent, power windows, tinted windows, AM and FM radio, sleeper, power steering, AC, 18-Speed Manual transmission, great condition, R24.5 front tires.

$45,400   Saint George, Quebec

1991 Mack 350

Log Truck, Exterior: Red, 12 Speed, Jake Brake, 20,000 lb Front, 1 steerable Axle, 1 Cheater Axle, 24' Double frame...

$30,000   GALLIPOILIS , Ohio

1989 Mack R688

Engine: 350 hp, 100000 miles, 10 speed OD, camelback suspension, 4.64 ratio 24.5 tires, aluminum/steel wheels...

$20,000   GUYTON, Georgia

1996 Mack DM 688SS Dump Truck

65,000 miles, AM FM radio, power steering, fire extinguisher, air conditioning, fog lights, electric locks, 5-Speed Diesel engine, air suspension, 5-Speed Manual transmission, excellent condition, rust-free, Red metallic.

$51,000   Joliet, Illinois

2005 Mack Granite CV713 Dump Truck

Manual transmission, excellent condition, air suspension, power seats, fire extinguisher, power windows, fog lights, AM & FM Radio, AC, power door locks, cruise control, white, 14460 hours on engine.

$51,500   Pflugerville, Texas