The Best Vehicle Classifed Ad Affiliate Program

If you run a website that caters to vehicle enthusiasts (or even if you don't), vehicle classified ads can be a great source of content to keep your visitors coming back for more.

Not only are classifieds a great source of content, but you can earn money at the same time. When you use our affiliate program, your visitors have our entire inventory of vehicles at their fingertips.

The classifieds may be customized to fit your needs. For example, you can display only the specific types of vehicles that you desire (say motorcycles or sports car) and it can even be refined down to specific Makes (Say Ford Trucks).

Our affiliate program allows you to earn money in two ways:

1) We split the revenue from banner advertisements that are placed within the classifieds.
2) We split revenue with you when somebody lists a vehicle for sale.

We offer you a few ways in which you can display the classifieds:

Embedded Classifieds

You create a template page for us that includes your logo, menu and whatever else you want on the classifieds pages. You will insert a small bit of code where you want the classifieds to appear on this template. We take care of the rest. Before you know it, you'll have classifieds on your website. You'll have extra content, extra money and your visitors will never have to leave your domain.

screenshot of embedded classifieds

Linked Classifieds

The easiest method to implement our affiliate program is through our "linked classifieds". Using this method, you simply create links on your website (perhaps menu links or text/banner links in your content). You point these links to our site where we host the classifieds. The classified page will have your logo at the top and also a link back to your website.

screenshot of linked classifieds

Data Feed

If you like to program, we can supply you with the raw data in a feed. You can display the listings in your own format. The feed contains the year, make, model description and more. Your visitors will need to follow a provided link to our site to see the additional photos and get the contact information of the person selling the vehicle.