Even in today's tough economy, it's still possible to get an RV loan for that new or used motorhome or travel trailer you have been dreaming about.

Interest rates are low and qualifying for RV financing or refinancing may be relatively easy if you have good income and credit history.

If you are looking at buying an RV from a dealership, they will most likely be able to guide you through an RV loan. However, you may be shopping for a motorhome or trailer using classified sites on the internet (such as our site). In a situation like this, you may find yourself purchasing from a private party. An online RV finance company will most likely be your best bet for a loan.

There are quite a few specialized online RV finance companies that can help you. In general, you should expect the following:

- Loans up to 20 or 25 years (usually shorter for smaller loans)
- Many RV loan companies will not loan on older RVs or RVs worth less than a certain amount (usually the minimum is around between $10,000 and $25,000, depending on the finance company)
- You will need a 10% - 20% down payment.
- You will need a good credit score of at least 690 (possibly higher).

With many RV lenders, it is possible to be pre-approved for a loan. This will allow you to shop around knowing ahead of time exactly how much you can spend. Once you've found the motorhome or camper that you want to buy, you simply call the finance company and they will begin the paperwork for the RV you have chosen.