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Sinkhole Swallows Eight Awesome Vettes

Published Thursday, February 13, 2014. Category: Classics

Nothing is worse than seeing your baby get hurt (we're not talking about your kid, we're talking about your car). Unfortunately, The National Corvette Museum just experienced this...times eight! A sinkhole just swallowed eight rare cars.

What the Heck is a Decopod?

Published Thursday, February 06, 2014. Category: Classics

You may not recognize the name Randy Grubb, but there's a good chance you've seen some of his automotive art. Randy recently created the Decopods and, while hard to describe, they're awesome.

Ford is Reproducing the 1932 Ford Body

Published Wednesday, January 29, 2014. Category: Classics

If you're into classic cars at all, you know that the 1932 Ford is an icon. It's been chopped, dropped and customized in more ways than we can count. However, finding an actual steel body, in good condition, can be downright tough. Ford plans on changing that.

You Can Own One of the Most Unique Car Haulers on the Road

Published Tuesday, January 28, 2014. Category: Classics

What do you do when you own one of the rarest buses ever made (only 12 were built) but don't have the parts available to restore it? If you're Brad Boyajian, you turn it into something even more unique...a one of a kind car hauler.

A Rare Rotary Engine in a One-of-a-Kind Car

Published Thursday, December 12, 2013. Category: Classics

Over the years, the rotary piston engine (not Wankel) has come and gone.