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Do You Know Where Your Bike Is Right Now?

Published Thursday, April 17, 2014. Category: Motorcycles

If you ride a motorcycle, you've probably had that nagging feeling where you wonder if your bike is still sitting safely in the parking lot where you left it. The Scorpio Ride Alarm can tell you exactly where your bike is...and whether the battery or tires need attention.

Motorcycle Suit with Built-in Airbag

Published Tuesday, April 01, 2014. Category: Motorcycles

For years people have been trying to find ways to protect motorcyclists from crash injuries. Head injuries can usually be avoided by wearing a helmet, but neck, back and abdomen injuries are much more difficult to avoid. Enter Ducati and Dainese with their integrated wireless airbag bike-suit system.

Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Race

Published Tuesday, December 10, 2013. Category: Motorcycles

If you're fairly new to the sport of motorcycle racing (or maybe not a fan at all), you may not have heard of the Isle of Man TT Race. It's one of the craziest and deadliest motorcycle races on earth. The Isle of Man is a small island located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain.

Voxan Motors 200hp Wattman Electric Motorcycle.

Published Monday, December 09, 2013. Category: Motorcycles

Voxan Motors recently unveiled the Wattman electric motorcycle at the Salon de la Moto in Paris.

The Kawasaki J Concept Transformer Motorcycle.

Published Wednesday, December 04, 2013. Category: Motorcycles

Kawasaki unveiled one crazy bike at the Tokyo Motorshow. It appears to be a trike (a la Can-Am Spyder)and a sport bike in one.

A legitimate All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Motorcycle.

Published Monday, December 02, 2013. Category: Motorcycles

An AWD motorcycle seems like the natural evolution for dirt bikes. Although it's not a new concept, Christini ( may have finally engineered a viable product.