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Is There a Chevy Colorado Diesel Mid-Size Pickup in the Future?

Published Friday, November 22, 2013. Category: Autos

It appeared that mid-size pickups might be a thing of the past. Chevy discontinued the Colorado, Ford got rid of the Ranger and Chrysler put an end to the Dakota. Surprisingly, Chevrolet is resurrecting the Colorado in a new form.

According to Chevrolet, the new 2015 Colorado (available in 2014) will be built closer to the specs of a full-size (Silverado) pickup. Chevrolet appears to be targeting folks who want the positive aspects of a mid-size truck (size and fuel economy), but that has the capabilities closer to that of a full-size truck (towing and cargo capacity).

What's interesting is that in the second year of production, the Colorado will have the option of a DURAMAX 2.8l I-4 turbodiesel engine. While diesel engines are found in all the heavy duty full-size pickups, placing one in a mid-size pickup is new territory.

There is a growing number of cars that use diesel and as consumers become more familiar and accepting of using diesel fuel, the diesel Colorado may fit in well.

Diesel engines are well-known for their fuel efficiency and for their ability to create much more torque that a comparably sized gas engine. These traits bode well for a diesel powered small pickup.

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