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First Private Supersonic Jet Won't Have Windows but Streaming Screen Walls

Published Thursday, February 20, 2014. Category: Airplanes

The first supersonic jet designed for private use, the Spike S-512, will not have windows. It's not that people don't like windows. Windows cause drag, add weight and generally make the design of a plane more complicated. Instead, the S-512 will have huge video screens that will project live video of the outside world.

Outside images will be provided by micro cameras that surround the entire plane. Images from these cameras will be displayed in real-time on the thin display screens in the cabin.

The renderings provided by Spike Aerospace show just how impressive this technology could be, if successfully developed. Rather than having to peer through a small oval window, the whole wall (for the length of the cabin) becomes a panoramic window without interruption. A window seat has no better view than an aisle seat (this plane probably won't have aisle seats). Actually, it makes us wonder if a window seat might actually have a worse view due to pixelation from sitting so close to the screen. (Maybe they plan on using Retina displays.)

According to Spike, passengers will have the option of dimming the screens (perhaps to sleep) or even displaying other scenery that is stored in the system.

The S-512 will truly be a revolutionary plane if it flies. We can only hope that some of its technology trickles down to passenger planes so that us common folk have a chance to use it. After all, commercial planes need a lot of help in trying to restore the excitement and joy that passengers used to experience when flying.

Photo credits: Spike Aerospace