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Promaster Conversion Van

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Venice, California


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Biti is a customized tiny home on wheels, built inside of a 2015 Diesel Dodge RAM Promaster utility vehicle.

We bought the van brand new 3 years ago, hired independent contractors to build my dream home inside of her. I have toured the west coast for 3 years, (spring - fall), performing music and going to national parks in my free time.

Every time i slide open the side door, people are attracted like a magnet to the magic of my tiny home on wheels. She s an instant conversation starter, and friend-maker. I designed her specifically with the foldout bed along the side sliding doors, so i could lay in bed writing my book in national parks, and look at the gorgeous view.

It's so much better than the bed in the back.


46,500 miles (Cummins Diesel engine will go to 500,000 miles)

Fiat design (closely related to Fiat Ducato)

4 cylinder turbo Diesel Cummins Engine (will go to 500,000 miles)

Front wheel drive

136 inch wheelbase

high top so you can stand up and walk around

5 speed automatic transmission / optional manual

tow hitch / tows up to 5,100 pounds

on steering wheel voice control & volume control for sound system

bluetooth and USB connection for phone

ParkView rear backup camera

ParkSense rear park assist

power windows

three-position rear cargo door can open to 260 degrees

looks like a tank, drives like a sportscar

AM / FM radio

46,500 miles


best in class *amazing* turning radius, parks in any normal sized spot

GCWR (gross combined weight rating) of up to 12,500 pounds

oil-change interval is a wallet-preserving 18,500 miles

brand new brakes

new tires & warranty replacement


3 layers of sound proofing and insulation, including sound proofing insulative paint on all surfaces to minimize road noise

Custom Organic bed made from 2 layers of organic latex/bamboo/charcoal mattress toppers , sewn together inside of organic hemp cloth. Folds up into a couch. Storage under bed.

Unlike most camper vans that have the bed hidden In the back, the Bed is designed along the side so that you can open the sliding doors and lounge doing your work while overlooking the view of whatever nature you are in.

Sleep incognito in any urban area.

Surround sound stereo system that runs in the back and front of the cab

Heated flooring - Infrared Heated flooring in sub floor

Cork flooring

Butcher block kitchen countertop with foldout extendable table butcher block kitchen table

Back door foldout workstation / outdoor table

Eco materials

Dometic Air conditioner / heater

rooftop rear ventilation vent / fan that spins air inward and outward

battery bank under bed with 4 huge 6 volt deep cycle batteries

7500 watt pure sine wave power inverter

Shure Power (can plug into any outlet for power, to recharge the battery bank takes 24 hours) & 30 foot extra durable charging cable extension cord

Custom handmade oak cabinetry with polished silver handles on all cabinets and drawers

Full A/c & d/c power

Double power outlets (A/C) in 4 locations around van

2 circuit breaker boxes

Apothecary foldout rack

Mason jar shelving

7 Large drawers for clothing / food etc

4 large flip-open storage cabinet spaces

2 small drawers for utensils / utility drawer next to sink

4 floor level storage cabinets

Sink with running water from 5 gallon water tank attached to water pump

No grey water

Large mirror made from Limousine Glass on large sliding door

Waterproof marine quality white upholstery

Whisper soft Dometic Refrigerator

Inlaid LED lighting in 4 locations embedded in ceiling

Swivel seats on driver and passenger side

Weboost cell phone reception amplifier

Full alarm system

Trailer hitch

Trailer alarm system input jack

Lifetime warranty on electronics

Built in grounding cord for grounding sheets

meticulously maintained sanctuary space , washed floor to ceiling once a week without fail, cleaned meticulously every single day, has never been messy a single day of her existence

Always only cleaned with nontoxic cleaning products

Silver transluscent Flower of life bindi on front and rear windows

I have maintained her meticulously at the dealership , Getting every oil change before it was even time, etc. She is a 2015 Dodge Ram Promaster, diesel, bought brand new 3 years ago.

She drives like a sports car and has an epic turning radius. She fits in any normal sized parking space and parallel parks with effortless ease into even the smallest spots

My Van truly is a sanctuary temple / tiny palace on wheels! She has been an epic protective fortress home, She has a visceral presence about her.

Everyone who comes inside her experiences that she becomes her own inter-dimensional portal the moment the doors close. You can be on the side of a busy road and it s like you are in another world.

Stock Number: R194546V

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