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$750,000 - RV Financing


St Charles, Illinois


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2002 Keystone Bobcat
Trailer can be for used for more than recreational but for practical uses and savings.
Want to save money on college rent stay in a trailer near the campus
(Sophomore-Senior Year) preferably in a warmer climate without snow.
Want to go to college with your pets.
Tired of roommates invading your privacy and space.
Need quiet place to sleep and study to get away from distractions
Single Mom want to live with kids while in college.
Want to go to college with your kids (need place they can stay with you).
Want to go to college with girlfriend/boyfriend sometimes staying over.
Place for your mom and or dad to stay for weekend when they visit.
Need job away from home for temporary relocation to make money.
Want to work a seasonal job somewhere warm and enjoy camping
Need place to stay for horse, dog shows, craft fairs, festivals, concerts
Have annual family reunion and need place for family to sleep/eat.
Active in traveling sports team and need place to sleep for short trips.
Play in a traveling band and need place for band to sleep and eat.
Going through a divorce, need inexpensive place to sleep near workwhere your kids could come stay with you on weekends.

Be a snowbird like to live in warmer climate just for winter months.
Like to move from place to place to explore different parts of America
Like to go cross the country stopping at State and National parks

New tires new oak vinyl flooring new hood exhausts covers recently rubber sealed roof.

Queen bed and also a Triple bunk bed
- Heating and Air Conditioning
- Large front storage compartment
- Radio, TV and DVD player
- 2 Propane Tanks (with cover)
- Microwave, gas stovetop
- Kitchen and bathroom sink
- Refrigerator and freezer
- Tub/Shower, toilet
- Oak cabinets throughout
- All manuals included
- RV and Campground Guide (708 campgrounds USA with amenities, 633 Canadian))- Sleeps 7-9: Queen-sized bed (2), Triple Bunk Bed(3), pull-out sofa (1-2), fold-down dinette (1-2)(obviously that depends on the size of the person and their weight, for dinette it is best for children age 10 or younger due to weight and height restrictions)

Roof Vent

Wanting to go off to college and your mind begins to reel at the expense of a
good education. Most parents and college students often forget to figure in
their living expenses as a real debt factor in overall college expense. But as it
turns out, it's a big chunk of the college budget. The national average for
dorm expenses alone average $19,000 a year. That's over $76,000 for four
years of campus housing! Students can pay between $385 and $428/ month,
that's significantly lower than college apartments or the like.

Located South Elgin, IL

Financing, Nationwide Shipping and Warranties available to qualified buyers.

Stock Number: R142107V3

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