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1975 Silver Streak Continental Supreme M-3200 Travel Trailer

Vintage, 1975, 35 Foot Silver Streak
Continental Supreme Travel Trailer

This Rare, Hard to find, 35 Footer is a TRUE CLASSIC, the longest Bumper PullTravel Trailer made. It is the TOP OF THE LINE Continental Supreme model of theLuxury Liner Series. It is the Rear bath, center Twin bed, (Easily converted toDouble-Queen, see photo) front Double-Queen (Easily converted to a Queen-King orWraparound Dining Area, see photo) floor plan. It is similar to the 28 FT diagram shownin photo, except with 1ft more in bath, 1- 6 more in kitchen and 5- 6 more space inthe living room area including an extra cabinet on each side of the kitchen and there ismore storage space than you can even imagine, even an exterior lockable Trunk!!!Airstream was founded by a Lawyer that started building them out of wood andfiberboard as a hobby in his backyard while selling a book for $1.00 titled How to builda camper for $100.00 !!!

Silver Streak Travel Trailers were first Manufactured in 1946 by the Curtis WrightAircraft Company using Aircraft Grade Aluminum, built to the same exacting designsand specifications as their many WWII aircraft including the P-40 Warhawk FlyingTiger, C-46 Transport and F-87 Fighter Jet. In 1949 it was sold to two partners fromMcDonald-Douglas Aircraft Company, responsible for producing the B-17 Bomber,DC-3, DC-4, C-54, DC-6 thru DC-10, F-4, F-15, F-18 Fighter Aircraft & Nike Missile !!!

The Silver Streak line is better quality, has stronger frames and is built to more rigorousand exacting specifications than the Airstream line! Silver Streaks entire body is Finishbuilt ON the frame where the Craftsmen can get to the inside and outside of each rivetand seam to assure its correctness during fabrication, Just like in the B-17 Bomber, NOTAFTER during inspection. The interior is brought in through the front window AFTERthe Structural body was completed and inspected, allowing more useful Square Footageof space inside. Airstreams bodies are built around the interior components, wastingspace and most of the rivets and seams (The most important part of the strength andweather proofing system) cant be seen or inspected during manufacturing or after. SilverStreaks were NOT produced by a Lawyer that didnt know a rivet hole from a bullet hole!Airstream has a HIGH GLARE, HIGH MAINTENANCE finish that corrodes andrequires constant buffing and polishing to maintain its appearance and shows EVERYbump and imperfection. SILVER STREAK opted for the NO MAINTENANCE NOGLARE Satin Anodized finish that will not corrode or tarnish and their Coveted Ownersnever need Simonize or Sunglasses to enjoy their Camping experience !!! If you trulydesire the High glare finish, the Silver Streak can be polished to the same finish as theAirstream !!!

Throughout its history, Silver Streak never produced more than 6 complete Custom HandBuilt units per week ( similar to Rolls Royce) and most were 20 Ft - 28 Ft. After 1970 they were ONLY CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER, no more off the shelf units in a dealers lot. That would mean that in ALL of HISTORY, there were NEVER more than 1,000 ---- 35 Foot Silver Streak Travel Trailers ----- EVER BUILT !!!
FOR the ENTIRE WORLD !!! --------------- They were Exported ---- WORLDWIDE !!!
HOW many are still ALIVE, ORIGINAL and AVAILABLE -------- IN the USA
The ORIGINAL price in 1975 was $28,487.00, that converts to ---- $135,536.00 today !!!
A new 2019, on the lot, NOT CUSTOM, 35 Ft Airstream costs ---- $133,888.00 today !!!

This ALL ORIGINAL, 1975 SILVER STREAK CONTINENTAL SUPREME LuxuryLiner is 1 of 1,000 !!! --- It was CUSTOM BUILT to a SPECIFIC SPECIAL ORDER forMr. and Mrs. --------- --------------- of ---- Beach, Florida, whose names still appear onthe Factory engraved name plate alongside the Front door of their CUSTOMMANUFACTURED CASTLE !!! !!! NOTHING has been ALTERED, MODIFIED,CONVERTED or CHANGED other than added accessories and adornments etc !!!

Its ORIGINAL ORDER included All Factory Features and Many Custom Optionsincluding but not limited to Full length and width heavy gauge Aluminum Underpan(under the frame), weather tight insulated and sealed to the body keeping heated orcooled air in and water-dirt-creatures out (Airstreams frame and floors are exposed towater, hot-cold air and creatures), Built-In Hinged Fire Escape window at twin beds,Built-In Roof mounted AC unit, 3 additional fully adjustable sky light-roof vents, Built-In Heater with thermostat, vented throughout, Built-In Power Monitor-Control Panel,Multiple Built-In Stereo speakers throughout, Built-In Vacuum System with convenientplug-in ports, Powered Tongue jack, 6 Leveling Jacks, Dual Extruded Aluminum propanetanks, Built-In Power Inverter-Battery charger with Dual 12V Storage battery electricalsystem and its own Equalizing weight distribution Hitch assembly with Swaycontrol Damper, ready to slide into your 2 receiver and many other Factory optionalfeatures!

The entire Pressurized Water system is all Copper or Brass with all Easilyserviceable, soldered or compression connections and has a complete Brass ManifoldDistributor with easily accessed individual Brass shutoff valves for each device, in anExterior Lockable Compartment next to the Lockable Electrical system Compartmentwith Full circuit breaker panel box and a long pull-out electrical power plugcord. Allwindows have interior removable screens and the Door has a full height, screened,lockable portal that swings out while the ENTRY DOOR IS FULLY LOCKED, anExterior Lockable Storage compartment and a full width Lockable Trunk & Storagecompartment in the rear with a door that hinges down for a Work or BBQ table and youcan put a BBQ, Toolboxes, hoses, tents, ropes, jacks, blocks ETC. in the trunk (thingsyou dot want inside), much more than Airstreams wasted space !!!There are NO dents, dings, smashes or other damage to the exterior or interior and it is allin excellent condition !!!

The original owners used it very little and in 1982, transferred it to the Sons family inNevada and they rarely used it. In 1998 it was purchased by an acquaintances family thatonly used it a few times and we purchased it in 2006 to tour the USA, but that neverhappened. It has been in our Nevada Desert area for over 37 years, it has ALWAYS beenPrivately used and never as a Rental unit, Apartment, Chalet or other misuse !!!The ORIGINAL Owners Manual is intact and included and the Original vented heatersystem, Aluminum tank water heater, Stove-top Range-Oven, both Extruded AluminumPropane tanks, Electric Powered tongue jack and all 6 leveling jacks are there, all originaland intact. The refrigerator-freezer was inop. and has been removed. It does not have theoriginal convertible couch-hide a bed in the front. You can use a Double, Queen or even aKing size Convertible couch or add a built-in lounge-dining area as described above (seephoto) without disturbing its original Vintage style and looks !!! The toilet was removedto repair the minor floor damage from the toilet fill hose leak (the only non-metallic partof the water system) but is operable and included.

Other than the above and doing its 20,000 mile check-up, replacing the carpet and drapes,repacking the wheel bearings, checking for minor problems, it should be ready foranother 44 years and 100,000 miles. The tires are like new but old and should be replacedbefore any long trips. Everything else is still there in excellent condition and itsEqualizer weight distributing hitch and Sway Bar-Damper assembly is ready to slide intoyour 2 tow hitch receiver and DRIVE AWAY to YOUR VACATION PARADISE !!!

The Luxury Liners are the Rolls Royces of the Travel Kingdom, extremely well builtand balanced and can be pulled comfortably at highway speeds without Sway bars, as canall of their line, although Sway bars are always recommended. The Photos are of ouractual unit except the full right side photo is a file photo of a 33ft unit with an extrawindow at the rear as I cant take a side photo of ours against the fence. There are interiorphotos of almost identical units to show what others have done with the same interior.

You can take this GEM, an ALL ORIGINAL 1 of 1,000
HOME for ONLY $17,999.00

To discuss this GEM or for more information
Call Robert at 702-265-2652

Unit is located in Sandy Valley, NV.
Stock Number R203626V

Financing, Nationwide Shipping and Warranties available to qualified buyers.

Stock Number: R203626V

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