Class B Camper Vans: Fords For Sale

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2018 Ford Transit

1 A/C unit, sleeping room for 2, length is 22 feet, excellent condition, has 29,000 miles, white, 6 cylinder Gasoline engine...

$101,000   San Diego, California

2017 Ford Mini T Campervan

2017 mini t campervan solar microwave tv/dvd ~ rv fits in garage!...

$34,500   Lake Crystal, Minnesota

2018 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van

2018 mini-t campervan titanium solar, microwave 24-28 mpg hoa friendly...

$37,500   Lake Crystal, Minnesota

2016 Ford Transit Connect Mini-T Campervan

Want a little camper that "can" at an affordable price? This Mini-T can take you on adventures, to the store, to work and fit in the garage.

$26,500   Lake Crystal, Minnesota

2020 Ford Mini TCampervan

Campervan 2020 mini-t, garageable rv...

$42,900   Lake Crystal, Minnesota

2017 Ford Transit Campervan

Campervan 2017 solar, good gas mileage, well equipped camper van...

$49,900   Lake Crystal, Minnesota