6 Best Car Upholstery Cleaner

Upholstery cleaning is an integral part of car maintenance because the look and feel of your vehicle depend on the quality of upholstery cleaning you provide. One method of doing this is to use a best-performance car upholstery cleaner. As the name implies, car upholstery cleaner is a product that can be used to remove any stubborn stains or dirt from your vehicle’s upholstery to maintain its original look and retain its most pleasing appearance.

In this blog post, we will review some of the best car upholstery cleaners on the market. We will also talk about what features you should look for in an upholstery cleaner and why these are essential!

1. Car Guys Super Cleaner

With the use of nanotechnology, this multi-surface cleaner cleans your automobile down to the molecular level. This product effectively cleans leather, polyester, vinyl, wood trim, metals, and rubber. 


  • Safe and effective for use on all types of surfaces.
  • Use nanotechnology for molecular-level cleaning of dirt and grimes.
  • Water-based and free from toxic chemicals.
  • Easy to use – just spray and wipe
  • No rise formula
  • It won’t leave a slimy or sticky residue after use.
  • Easy and comfortable to hold bottle design
  • It comes with a complimentary microfiber cloth or cleaning rag.


  • It cannot be used on windows, glasses, and sensitive electronic screens.
  • Does not provide UV protection.
  • High price

Price: $40-$45

Size: 18oz

2. Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner

Gentle on delicate fabrics yet tough enough to remove dirt and stains from any surface, including fabric seats! The solution is an efficient stain remover that you may have imagined would never go away.


  • A trusted brand in the industry.
  • Worked wonders on anything from grease to coffee to lipstick to ink and bloodstains.
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for leather, polyester, and vinyl upholstery.
  • Leaves a pleasant smell behind
  • Comes with a built-in brush on the bottle cap
  • Water-based, non-toxic


  • Results may vary depending on the depth of stains.
  • Leaves stain on linen and cloth fabrics.

Price: $12 – $15

Size: 22.8oz

3. Shine Armor Car Interior Cleaner

It is a non-greasy upholstery cleaner that removes dirt, filth, and undesirable smells while preventing dust accumulation on your car’s interior. This unique formula safely removes dirt and stains while leaving a protective layer of shine behind. 


  • Dust resistant cleaner
  • Non-greasy
  • Intensely cleans, repairs, and protects upholstery
  • Give advanced UV protection to your dashboard, floor mats, seats, door panels
  • Easy to use – just spray and wipe
  • Use nanotechnology to clean the dirt
  • Effective for all types of surfaces


  • Expensive
  • The bottle ends up very quickly 

Price: $16-$20

Size: 8oz

List of Best Reviewed Car Upholstery Cleaners

1. Car Guys Super Cleaner

as of June 8, 2024 7:41 pm

There’s nothing better than this all-purpose, multi-surface upholstery cleaner for getting the job done perfectly with ease. It is considered the best car upholstery cleaner to date. It uses nanotechnology to remove dirt and filth at the molecular level efficiently. 

It is ideal for deep-cleaning the upholstery in your automobile, as well as other surfaces such as cloth, vinyl, canvas, rubber, and plastic, etc. 

However, this upholstery cleaner is effective on interior surfaces and performs well on exterior surfaces. 

Also, this cleaner does not provide any UV protection or dust repellent and is ineffective on glass surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • A multi-purpose formula that works wonders for all types of interior and exterior surfaces except glass and instrument panel screens.
  • This product may remove thick grease, bird droppings, and tree sap stains with relative ease. 
  • It creates a non-greasy, odorless, matte surface that makes your vehicle seem clean and beautiful.
  • Leaves flawless shine and a thin layer of protection behind.
  • Dissolves dust and other contaminants in seconds.
  • Car Guy’s all-purpose super cleaner uses nanotechnology to remove dirt, grimes, oil, and grease at the molecular level.
  • Water-based, non-toxic, and comes with no rise formula
  • The spray container is designed ergonomically to reduce wrist strain.
  • Effective for carpets, seats, floor mats, and dashboard. 
  • Convenient and straightforward to use – spray on the stains or spotted areas and wipe. 
  • It comes with a complimentary cleaning rag. 

2. Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner

as of June 8, 2024 7:41 pm

This cleaner is widely regarded as one of the best car upholstery cleaners available for carpets or floor mats that have suffered from excessive spot stains or soiling. The solution has been mainly developed to remove a wide variety of stains, even ones that you may have felt were impossible to remove.

Highlighted Features:

  • An excellent stain remover.
  • According to the manufacturer, it is efficient on tar, grease, coffee, ink, lipstick, and other stubborn stains, such as blood, among other things.
  • As an added convenience, the cap is designed with a built-in brush that helps you apply cleaner deep into the cloth, allowing you to get rid of even the most tenacious of stains.
  • The penetrating foam will swiftly remove and dissolve debris, allowing you to clean your carpet and upholstery in less time.
  • It’s also very safe to use on nylon and other synthetic materials like leather. 

3. Shine Armor Car Interior Cleaner

as of June 8, 2024 7:41 pm

The Shine Armor Car Interior Cleaner is an upholstery cleaning powerhouse that can tackle even the most persistent stains and filth, even those that have been there for a long time. 

This upholstery cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning solution with powerful stain-lifting chemicals, removes stains from carpets and other upholstery.

It comes with a pump that makes it easy to use and actively works as a stain remover. On the other hand, Dirt and grime are likely to need repeated treatments to be removed entirely. Also not recommended for use on leather or rubber.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shine Armor’s Interior Car Cleaner is formulated with the most up-to-date nanotechnology to preserve and restore its original shine efficiently. 
  • This dust-resistant upholstery cleaner will keep the inside of your vehicle looking flawless for a more extended period.
  • Non-greasy in nature and is designed to minimize dust accumulation, remove filth, grime, and unpleasant smells, and restore the car interior surfaces of your car’s interior. 
  • This upholstery cleaner is suitable for various materials, including leather, vinyl, dashboards, plastic, side panels, and more.
  • This upholstery stain extractor also provides advanced UV protection.

4. Shout Auto Multi-Purpose Car Cleaner

as of June 8, 2024 7:41 pm

Shout Auto Multi-Purpose Car Cleaner is a versatile cleaner that penetrates and removes stains from fabric, upholstery, and carpet. It includes a unique combination of cleaning enzymes to attack tough stains and grime quickly.  For most car cleaning or car washing professionals, this product is considered the best car upholstery cleaner that helps keep your car or truck looking its best!

Highlighted Features:

  • A multi-purpose upholstery cleaner
  • It is safe on carpets, floor mats, seats, dashboard panels, and other exterior surfaces.
  • In addition, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue or odor.
  • It is also biodegradable, so it will not cause any harm to the environment once it gets washed away to storm drains.
  • Another good thing about this cleaner is its built-in brush, which makes scrubbing stains easier.
  • The attached brush has stiff bristles that help loosen dirt and grime.
  • It can be used to clean wheels, tires, parts underneath the hood, and other surfaces.
  • This cleaner is also known for its affordability. For just $7, you will get a 32-ounce bottle of liquid solution that can already last up to 3 months. It is ideal for car owners who want to maintain their cars’ cleanliness without spending too much money.
  • Aside from the list of benefits, this cleaner also comes with a free eBook on auto detailing. This is considered a bonus since it will provide valuable tips and tricks to clean your car better.

5. Black Diamond Upholstery Cleaner

as of June 8, 2024 7:41 pm

Black Diamond Upholstery Cleaner is a brightener, degreaser, and cleaner. This car upholstery cleaner effectively removes stubborn stains from upholstery surfaces such as dirt, grime, oil, or grease and ink for easy cleaning. 

However, this car upholstery cleaner contains chlorine bleach which can cause damage to your car’s interior color or fabric if not used properly. Also, the fumes are potent, so it is necessary to let the car windows remain open while cleaning. 

Highlighted Features:

  • It is an efficient upholstery stain extractor.
  • Leaves a clean, refreshing scent
  • Removes scuff marks, dirt grime, and ink stains
  • Leaves a protective coating behind
  • Practical to use on all types of upholstery as well as door panels and dashboards.
  • This versatile upholstery cleaner can be used as often as desired for regular cleaning use every month or two.
  • Apply Black Diamond Upholstery Cleaner to the stain for tough stains and let it soak for 5 minutes before scrubbing off with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly, so there is no residue behind.
  • However, this car upholstery cleaner contains chlorine bleach which can cause damage to your car’s interior color or fabric if not used properly.
  • It has powerful fumes, so you would need to leave the windows open while cleaning your car’s upholstery surface.
  • The solution is not thick but watery; it easily stains thin fabrics or clothing and drips on the floor of your car if you are not careful.

6. Meguiar’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Meguiar Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is an advanced formula containing foaming action that lifts dirt and grime while it cleans. It works on various difficult stains, including grease, oil, coffee, cola, fruit punch, and pet stains. It contains no harsh solvents or abrasives, so it will not dull or damage the look of carpet and upholstery.

It is a great cleaning product for vehicle upholstery. However, it needs to be followed by heavy scrubbing to clean all stains and types of upholstery. 

In addition, rinsing is a must after cleaning the fabric, or else there will be a residue left that will attract dirt and cause stains to reappear. Besides, the scent can bother those with allergies or a sensitive sense of smell.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its cleaning formula provides deep cleaning of vehicle upholstery.
  • Meguiar Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is pH-balanced and biodegradable to ensure safety for the environment and your home.
  • This product works on various difficult stains, including grease, oil, coffee, cola, and fruit punch. It also removes pet stains.
  • The product has a foaming action that lifts dirt and grime while it cleans.
  • It leaves behind a pleasant scent and contains no harsh solvents or abrasives.
  • It will not dull or damage the look of carpet and upholstery.
  • Doesn’t easily clean all upholstery types; it needs heavy scrubbing.
  • After cleaning the upholstery, it is critical to rinse the fabric to remove any residue that might attract dirt and cause stains to reappear.
  • Those with allergies or a heightened sense of smell could be bothered by the odor.

Types of Car Upholstery and How to Clean Them

Before starting a cleaning procedure, it’s essential to know what kind of upholstery your automobile seats are composed of. Depending on the material in your car’s upholstery, you’ll need to utilize different cleaning techniques and car upholstery cleaners to give them the finest and flawless appearance. 

Commonly, there are five types of car upholstery available: nylon, leather, faux leather, vinyl, and polyester. 

Nylon Car Upholstery

Nylon and polyester are the two most common materials used for car upholstery. When it comes to car seats, one of the most often used materials is nylon cloth. It’s a sturdy cloth, but it’s also quite breathable. 

Clean your car seats using any multi-purpose car upholstery cleaner suggested above to remove loose debris and dust. You can also clean nylon car upholstery with any detergent, a regular bath sponge, and an upholstery brush; however, it is not effective and may cause damage to the seat fabric, dull its color, or may permanently remove its shine. 

Leather Upholstery

Leather for vehicle upholstery is much more durable than fabric and vinyl, yet leather costs less than replacing when necessary. It holds its color better than fabric and vinyl, and leather is also very resistant to staining.

With regular use, dirt and body oil comes to the surface of your leather car upholstery. While this is not harmful to the leather itself, it can be uncomfortable for you. Most of the time, thorough vacuuming and the use of appropriate upholstery cleaners will clean your leather. However, it is also necessary to give it a more thorough car upholstery cleaning to preserve its original appearance from time to time.

Faux Leather Upholstery

Faux leather car upholstery provides the luxurious look of genuine leather. Cleaning faux leather car upholstery is simple if you clean it regularly using any car upholstery cleaner and a soft cloth or scrubbing brush. Cleaning faux leather car upholstery is very much like cleaning other fabric types, with a few additional steps specific to stains and spots.

Spray a small area of your faux leather car upholstery with upholstery cleaner and dab it with a soft cloth. 

Clean any scuff marks or stains using a commercially available cleaner explicitly designed for faux leather, according to package instructions. Cleaning solutions can differ depending on the product you use, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Vinyl Upholstery

Cleaning Vinyl Upholstery is not hard, but it requires that you take some precautions to do it properly. Vinyl upholstery can last a long time if it is taken care of correctly. It doesn’t need much maintenance, just regular vacuuming and cleaning with any good upholstery cleaner and a good washing.

Vinyl car seats should never be cleaned with hot water; it’s much better to use cold water when cleaning vinyl because hot water can damage the fabric. It should also not be scrubbed. Because harsh chemicals can also discolor Vinyl upholstery, causing significant problems for your seats in the future. 

So, pick a cleaner wisely that does not need scrubbing or has harsh chemicals in it. It is good to go with water-based spray cleaners such as Car Guys Super Cleaner and Blue Coral Cleaner.

Polyester Upholstery

Polyester upholstery is a great way to get a modern and stylish look for your car interior. There are also various other benefits of Polyester upholstery, such as it being extremely durable and resistant to the elements. 

Polyester needs low maintenance compared to other types of materials used for upholstery. You can use any of the all-purpose car seats, dashboard, floor mats, or carpet upholstery cleaner for its maintenance and care.

Categories of Car Upholstery Cleaners

Car upholstery cleaners come in a variety of different styles to suit any owner’s preferences. Categories include: 

  1. Cleaning sprays,
  2. Cleaning gels, and 
  3. Cleaning waxes. 

Each type has its own unique characteristics for various applications, which can be used alone or in conjunction with each other.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Upholstery Cleaners

Many brands in the market offer cleaners for vehicle upholstery at different prices. You must be thinking about which one to buy and why to spend money on it.

Let me give you a few reasons before buying.

  • It is imperative to choose the right product that suits your car’s interior upholstery. Some products are not suitable for leather or vinyl upholstery; some may harm the fabric of seats, avoid them and buy a good quality product. 

As per my opinion, CarGuys All-purpose Super Cleaner is the best example you can trust of this product. It gently cleans and protects all types of surfaces without damaging them.

  • Second, when choosing the product, you must be sure that it is safe to use as some products have solid chemicals that may harm your skin or eyes. Be cautious and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Third, some products are so complicated to use that a person who is not using them daily must get confused. It is recommended to use spray cleaners as you just need to spray the cleaning agent and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • The fourth thing you should consider is the price. You can afford many of the cleaning products that have been suggested above.
  • The next thing is the selection of products with a pleasant odor. Some products have a nasty smell. So choose a product that gives your car a fresh and pleasant smell.
  • The last thing you should consider is the easy availability and shipping.

So all these points will help you to buy an ideal cleaner for your car’s upholstery. I hope this short buying guide will be helpful to you.


What do car dealers use to clean upholstery?

Most of the professional car dealers use Car Guys All-purpose Super Cleaner to clean upholstery. It is easy, effective, and convenient to use. Moreover, its nanotechnology formula for car cleaning gives flawless finishing results.

Can you use a carpet cleaner on car seats?

 Yes, you can. Many all-purpose upholstery cleaners can be effectively used as carpet cleaners and car seat cleaners.

What is the best way to clean cloth car seats? 

The best way to clean cloth car seats is to use water-based, non-toxic cleaners, as harsh chemicals in the cleaner may leave spots or stains and dull the fabric color if not used appropriately. 

What upholstery cleaner do detailers use?

Car detailers use Blue Coral Upholstery cleaners. In addition, some other favorite picks are Car Guys Super Cleaner, Shine Armor, Mothers Carpet, and Meguiar’s carpet upholstery cleaners. 

What do I look for in a car upholstery cleaner?

You should look for five basic things in a car upholstery cleaner. Must have a suitable surface characteristic, convenient to use, affordable, safe, and readily available when needed.

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