5 Best H1 LED Bulb

As of the end of this year around 42.4% of people are switching to LED lights. The use of LED lights represents the most technological developments within today’s lighting industry. These vehicles are high power and energy-efficient with a long life. 

Now is the time to convert your traffic lights and fog lights to LEDs for high-performance. Learn what are the top 5 best H1 LED bulbs for your car or motorbike. Best thing is that this bulb can be incorporated into your headlights and installed without changing them once. Instead they can easily be mounted with a plug-and-play mechanism.

ProductsBest Overall – Fahren H1 LED Headlight Bulb Valuable Pick – HIKARI VisionPlus H1 LED BulbPremium Choice – AUXILIGHT H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs
SummaryQuality and performance are essential for everyday driving. These are an obvious pick due to better brightness and build quality.For the economical buyer, this is a fantastic alternative. The cost seems insanely inexpensive due to the total quality and performance.These are a must-have for anybody looking for the optimum combination of brightness and durability.
ProsAdjustable Beam Completely waterproofSuper bright LED bulbsColor Temperature – 6000K makes it perfect for both day and night driving Energy-efficientSuper effective fog light Bright and clear light No shadowed areasSpecially designed for foggy daysPlug-and-play mechanism 
ConsDifficult to fit for some vehiclesMay take some time to get completely brightIt does not fit in all cars.

Top 5 Best H1 LED bulbs

1. Fahren H1 LED Headlight Bulb

as of March 17, 2023 11:44 pm

When you need to replace your vehicle’s H1 standard halogen bulb, the first on our list of best H1 LED bulbs is a good choice. But do not let this simple name fool you as it can outperform most high-performance car headlights for hundreds of dollars more.

This product is a “plug and play” installation. There’s nothing crazy that needs to happen in order for these LEDs installed into your vehicle, as they’re designed with halogens already built-in! This LED headlight kit comes complete with two advanced technology premium bulb sets: one set of each color (white, yellow, blue, or purple) at three brightness levels 25W 35w 45 W; plus an aluminum body design including a cooling micro fan. Last but not least – lifetime warranty on the entire unit!

The LEDs in this kit have an anti-glare technology that makes them shine without being too flashy.


  • Lumens: 10,000
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ZEEPVGSGGLH1
  • Weight: ‎11.7 ounces


  • Adjustable Beam 
  • Completely waterproof
  • Super bright LED bulbs


  • Difficult to fit for some vehicles

2. HIKARI VisionPlus H1 LED Bulbs

as of March 17, 2023 11:44 pm

HIKARI’s vision plus bulbs offer a bulb that can provide up to 5,000 lumens and save 90% on energy costs. The wider beam pattern helps drivers better see the road while driving with these LED lights also coming in an easy plug-in application form factor making installation simple! These sleek-looking cool white waterproof styles are available now at great prices too! The brightness you will get from this bulb will be equivalent to about 100W ordinary LED bulb, a great result in terms of energy efficiency.

For street driving or emitting less heat, HIKARI VisionPlus works wonders without any issues of getting hot quickly. 


  • Lumens: 15,000
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Manufacturer Part Number: R8-H1
  • Weight: ‎8.8 ounces


  • Color Temperature – 6000K makes it perfect for both day and night driving 
  • Energy-efficient
  • Super effective fog light


  • May take some time to get completely bright

3. AUXILIGHT H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs

as of March 17, 2023 11:44 pm

The AUXILIGHT LED Fog Light Bulbs for cars are specially designed to look like the HID replacement bulbs but at a fraction of the cost. It has an output of 6000K that can represent natural light and it is extremely bright, ensuring that your visibility remains 150 feet right after you turn on the lights. As one of the best H1 LED fog lights on the market, it really means that you can see clearly and at a distance to avoid accidents.

Specially designed for snowy, rainy, and foggy days, this LED bulb features COB technology. This two-chip emits super bright light with no glare or shadowed areas to be concerned about! With such a soft beam of illumination, your visibility will certainly increase as well so you can enjoy all those scenic views in comfort before long journeys ahead.

This is a pretty simple plug-and-play HID replacement bulb with no need for any kind of modifications. The lifespan runs up to 50,000 hours, which means that it can be used for years without the need to change your bulbs.


  • Lumens: 1,500
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AUX-H1-2COB-2W
  • Weight: ‎1.4 ounces


  • Bright and clear light 
  • No shadowed areas
  • Specially designed for foggy days
  • Plug-and-play mechanism


  • It does not fit in all cars.

4. Voltage Automotive H1 Headlight Bulb

as of March 17, 2023 11:44 pm

The highly powerful H1 bulb from Voltage Automotive promises to improve your safety while driving. This 40% brighter light penetrates foggy conditions, allowing you to make the most of dull and hazy days with intense illumination that helps during inclement weather drives!

The bulb has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, meaning it will be around for several years. The bulb is highly durable, making it extremely easy to install. It can be easily plugged into your car’s power outlet without the need for any additional hardware. The 1-year warranty ensures that you are fully protected in case of defects.


  • Manufacturer Part Number: ‎FBA-01H112YXZPR
  • Weight: ‎0.7 ounces


  • less expensive 
  • quick installation
  • No glare or white spots


  • The light may be too bright.

5. CIIHON H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs

as of March 17, 2023 11:44 pm

It’s time to upgrade your classic halogen light bulbs to a more sophisticated LED version. With its ultra brilliant waterproof light, CIIHON H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs will brighten up your foggy, rainy, and snowy days.

Daytime running lights or fog lights are CIIHON H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs. They produce light beams that are exceptionally bright and clear. As a result, driving at night becomes simple.

A built-in clever IC driver provides an effective heat dissipation mechanism in these light bulbs. The bulbs become more stable and robust as a result of less warming, extending their lifespan.

These LED lights may be quickly installed using a simple plug-and-play method. They can be used in a variety of weather situations. These fog light bulbs are resistant to all harsh situations, whether it’s a nighttime trip or a terrible weather day.


  • Lumens: 1,600
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Manufacturer Part Number: F002-H1-W
  • Weight: ‎‎0.634 ounces


  • ultra bright and clear light beams with high energy efficiency 
  • Incredible fog lights
  • Plug-and-play installation


  • Little bit overpriced

Final verdict

All the headlights we have presented in this article are of excellent quality, and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The only problem is that you have to make a choice. 

Among the various options that we have studied, the AUXLIGHT H1 LED Fog Light Bulb is, in our view, the greatest choice. The bulb has a built-in sink effect and provides excellent fog beam performance. These bulbs have an incredibly long life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.

Start with these H1 LED bulbs and convert your car or motorbike in no time!

How we choose our H1 LED bulbs

It’s not always easy to choose the right H1 LED bulbs for your car. But we have done the work for you and compiled a list of the 5 best-led headlights on the market review. We used a mix of expert reviews, users’ feedback, and our own experience to give you a hand in making an informed decision.

H1 LED Bulb: What to Consider When Buying One

Luminous Density 

The word “luminous density” may seem to be a technical term. But it simply refers to the capacity of bulbs to produce very bright and clean light beams. The brighter they are, the safer they are to use on your automobiles.

Easy Plug-and-play Installation 

Many car owners are not sure whether to try H1 LED bulbs because the process of replacing the original ones seems time-consuming and hard. The truth is, these high-quality H1 LED headlight bulbs are plug & play devices that you can install without needing to replace your whole headlight housing unit.


The number of lumens a bulb produces tells you how bright it is. But this doesn’t tell you anything about the beam type it uses, which is very important for those looking to upgrade their headlights. Our recommendations all have H1 LED bulbs with multiple LEDs and powerful beams.

Led Lifespan

LED lifespan is a very important factor when choosing a LED light. The longer it can last, the more money you will save in the long run. Some bulbs have a lifespan of 50 000 hours, while others can go up to 100,000 hours or even more.

Heat Dissipation 

LED lights are known to produce more heat than regular halogen or HID lighting systems. This can’t be avoided because the efficiency of LEDs is higher which means they need high power to operate. Some bulbs include fans that create an airflow to dissipate excess heat while others do not, but regardless of this fact, it’s important for you to check how the bulbs are ventilated.

Beam Type

There are two types of beams: spot and flood. Spot beams offer a wider view than other bulbs, allowing you to see things way ahead as if they were right in front of your vehicle. Floodlights on the other hand distribute light more evenly, making it easier to see hard-to-reach areas such as those close to your vehicle.

Light color

The beam type and angle are very important when choosing the right H1 LED bulb for your car, but you should also pay attention to the light color. Here’s why:

The white light produced by most modern high-end bulbs closely resembles daylight which allows you to see a significantly larger distance in front of you. This is a feature that will keep you and other drivers on the road safer during night-time driving.

The yellow light produced by lower quality H1 LED bulbs is easier on the eyes when driving at night, but it limits visibility significantly. Still, if you are looking for an upgrade that will lower your energy consumption and save you money in the long run, getting a bulb with this color of light is not a bad idea.

How to Choose the Right H1 LED Bulb: 

  • Ask yourself what is most important to you such as light quality or price.
  • Consider your lighting requirements for your vehicle needs.
  • Figuring out wattage is also an important consideration when purchasing a bulb.
  • It usually takes about 100 hours of continuous use for a bulb to reach its full potential and offer the most savings and longevity.
  • Ask yourself what you want in your light bulb.

What’s the main difference between LED and HID headlight bulbs?

HID or High-Intensity Discharge bulbs feature a gas-filled tube that produces light when an electrical charge is passed through it. This method of creating light makes them brighter than most other types of bulbs, but it also requires more energy and generates a lot of excess heat.

LEDs on the other hand create light by passing electricity through a semiconductor material. They are not affected by heat as much and they can be easily manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, and brightness. This makes LED bulbs the ideal exterior lighting solution for cars.

HIDs are not as energy efficient as LEDs, but they produce much more light per watt making them ideal for those who want to drive at night. LED headlights are great for driving during daylight hours, but they offer less light than HIDs.

There’s also this popular rumor that LEDs don’t last long enough to justify their higher price tag over regular H1 bulbs, but our testing showed that LEDs can easily last as long as advertised by manufacturers.

What matters the most when buying LED headlight bulbs?

A lot of people ask us what matters the most when it comes to buying an LED H1 bulb. While lumens, color temperature, beam angle, and other technical specs are all important factors that contribute to your overall experience with a certain product, here’s what you should pay attention to if you want to make sure that you will get the most out of your purchase:

Long-distance illumination is what’s important when it comes to LED headlight bulbs. Since they barely generate any heat, LEDs are able to emit very intense beams that can easily illuminate objects hundreds of meters ahead! This makes LEDs better than HIDs in every aspect, even if their light output per watt is not as impressive.

The ability to withstand high amounts of heat, moisture and voltage changes is crucial if you want your LED headlight bulb to last for a long time. LEDs do not need special cooling systems, but they can be easily damaged by too much heat or voltage fluctuations.

Thus, your product needs to be designed in such a way that it can withstand high temperatures and voltage fluctuations. If you see something like “waterproof” or “high-voltage” in the list of advantages for a certain LED headlight bulb, there is no reason not to buy it!

H1 LED Bulb Installation

Step 1: First, turn off the power supply.

Step 2: Do not touch the glass parts of the LED bulb with bare hands. It is recommended to wear cotton gloves. Fabric gloves are ideal for this smooth surface also protect your fingers from scratches and oil residues on glass or plastic touching the base of the lamp.

Step 3: Unscrew the old bulb and screw in the new LED Bulb

Step 4: On a table or other flat surface, press down on both ends of the lamp body. The shell should detach from the base. If it does not come off you can try twisting or rocking back and forth to loosen it. This may cause some plastic pieces to come apart. Do not worry, the lamp will work fine without these pieces.

Step 5: Remove the metal tabs from around each LED chip by gently prying them off with a small screwdriver or other tools. This prevents the metal leads of the LED chips from shorting out to each other inside of the bulb body when you screw it back together.

Step 6: Screw the bottom half of the shell onto the base as tightly as possible with your fingers. If you have trouble, a towel or rag can be placed around the base to provide resistance to help tighten it.

Step 7: Replace the top part of the shell and tighten with pliers if needed.

Step 8: Test the lamp by connecting it to power. LEDs are very fragile. If one does not light up you may need to replace that LED chip or try replacing them in pairs because sometimes if one goes out, the others do also.


Is it necessary to replace both headlight bulbs at once?

Although there is no clear answer to this issue, we suggest that you replace both headlight bulbs at the same time, even if just one of them fails. That’s because changing just one headlight bulb might generate a brightness differential between the two. Changing your headlight bulbs may also be a time-consuming process, depending on your vehicle; you’re best off doing it once and saving yourself time later. Your bulbs will most likely expire at the same time if they are the same age.
If you’re attempting to be more thrifty or practical—after all, why replace something that isn’t broken?—make sure you have a spare bulb on hand in case the old one burns out.

How many lumens are legal for headlights?

US regulations refer to wattage only. They haven’t kept up with high efficiency sources such as HiD and LED designs.

How to clock led headlights?

The LED bulbs are different from traditional light bulbs because they only have LED chips on two sides. For installation, make sure to install these lights at “nine” and three o’clock for optimum brightness!

Is it true that blue headlights are better than white headlights?

No, for near-field lighting, a blue tint is better. Headlights with a colour temperature of 6000K provide better contrast between objects. It is also considerably simpler to comprehend for the human eye. Due to the easy visibility it gives over cooler, bluer colours on the extreme end of the colour temperature range, a 6000K day-white colour temperature has long been regarded as the standard in automobile lighting applications.

What’s the difference between CRI and Lumens?

Color Rendering Index measures how accurate the color is when seen through a certain light source. LED lights are known to have very high CRI levels, making them ideal for anything that requires accuracy when it comes to lighting effects.

Lumen output is easy to measure and it tells you how bright the bulb is. A higher number of lumens means a brighter light. To calculate the number of lumens produced by a bulb you have to divide its wattage by the Voltage it uses for operation.

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