5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch

The weight distribution hitch is a type of trailer hitch that redirects the weight of the gross trailer weight ratings and truck to improve stability. This system allows for more control over steering, braking, and acceleration. 

There are many benefits to using this type of hitches such as increased fuel economy and less wear on your suspension system. 

The downside is that not all trailers will work with it; however, there are adapters available for different types of trailers! In this blog post, we will review some best weight distribution hitches and also explain what these hitches do, and share some helpful tips about how to use them correctly.

 Best Pick Best Value Honorable Mention
EAZ LIFT 48056 600 lbs CURT 17501 TruTrack Weight Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control 
Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution Hitch Kit with Sway Control is a complete kit that includes everything you need to get the job done. The Eaz-Lift Elite WD Hitch Kit features a 600-pound weight distributing hitch, sway control, 2-5/16″ hitch ball & mounting hardware.TruTrack weight distribution hitch with sway control offers precise leveling of your tow vehicle and trailer. It uses powerful 35-9/16-inch trunnion spring bars and an adjustable shank that fits a 2-inch receiver. Integrated sway control provides active resistance to trailer sway at four distinct points for a smoother, safer ride. The TruTrack is designed for a fast, easy setup with no need for tools or leveling blocks. The e2 2-Point Sway Control by Fastway is the only hitch on the market with built-in sway control. The e2 provides weight distribution and sway control in one system, making it simple to use. No more hassles of adding extra hitches or removing them when backing up or turning tight corners. With no backings or turning restrictions, the e2 is ready for any weather conditions and angles you can throw at it. 
Pre-installed sway control and hitch ballPre-installed U-bolts and chain package600 lb weight torque capacity Integrated sway controlSpring cam systemAdjustable support bracketEasy versatile setup Built-in sway controlBracket is mountedNo chains and add onsThe perfect hitch 
Installations can be trickyThe deep socket is not the best qualityNot have a complete kit

Why it is important to buy a weight-distribution hitch?

Increase the stability of the trailer:

The weight distribution hitch transfers the weight of a trailer to its tow vehicle, which gives you more control over steering, braking, and acceleration. This helps to avoid jackknifing and swaying.

Increase fuel economy: 

By reducing the load on your tow vehicle’s suspension system, you may be able to improve both your truck and trailer’s mileage efficiency without sacrificing stability.

Reduce wear of suspension:

Even with a weight-distribution hitch in use, some amount of stress is still put on your truck’s suspension, but a good hitch can reduce the amount of stress significantly.

Brake and turn Smoothly:

 A weight distribution hitch allows you to brake and turn smoothly because it evenly distributes the load from your trailer, which makes for a more stable ride.

Handle tough driving conditions: 

It is a lot easier to drive in bad weather conditions with a weight-distribution hitch, as the trailer’s tongue load will not affect your braking or steering.

Driving safety:

Drivers must understand how their vehicles work together when they are using this equipment before hitting the road. Weight distribution hitches can be very helpful but only if used correctly!

Types of weight distribution Hitches

Trunnion Bars:

This hitch is the most popular form of weight distribution. It uses a trunnion bar that slides into the square-shaped receiver on your tow vehicle and then attaches to the frame or bumper, respectively, of your trailer with two chains attached to either side.

Mono bars:

A mono bar works similarly but does not contain a point where it meets up with the ball mount as you see in the trunnion bars above. Instead, this type features an adjustable shank so it can be raised or lowered depending on whether you need more tongue weight for level ground or less when going downhill. 

This provides smoother ride quality than its counterparts because there isn’t as much potential for jerking around while driving down the road.

Round Bars:

Round bar hitches are a type of weight distribution system that uses an adjustable shank and comes with either one or two chains. Like the ones we mentioned above, a round bar weight distribution hitch should be used on your tow vehicle’s receiver and then mounted to your trailer frame/bumper using the included hardware.

Top Brands of Weight Distribution Hitch

EAZ Lift:

This brand is reliable and durable. The people who bought it were very satisfied with their purchase, so I suggest you check this weight distribution hitch out before buying one! It even comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


The CURT weight distribution hitches come at an affordable price point, which makes them great for the consumer on a budget seeking premium performance. T

his brand has been around since 1972 and they are still going strong today. They also offer excellent customer service if you have any issues or questions about your product after purchasing it.

Gooseneck Hitches by Reese:

These unique weight distribution products are perfect for those looking for something more specific than the basic chains that come with most hitches. It is a great product that will give you the right amount of balance for your trailer sway control kit and vehicle combination.

Tow Ready:

This particular brand offers a variety of weight distribution products at an affordable price point, which makes it another attractive option if you are looking to save money on this purchase. The only downside is they only offer one hitch per package as opposed to other brands that offer two or three different types in one box/package deals.

 In addition, their customer service isn’t as good as some other options available but I would still consider purchasing from them because their prices beat out others by far.


The Husky brand offers a very heavy chain and it is built out of high-quality materials. They are best used for larger vehicles towing both large trailers and smaller ones alike.


This particular weight distribution hitch doesn’t use chains as most others do but instead uses bars that offer better stability than the traditional chains that come with other hitches on the market today! 

The people who purchased this product were extremely satisfied by how easy it was to install onto their vehicle because they didn’t have to break down any part of their car or truck, unlike many brands that require you to take apart your front end pieces such as bumpers for them to be installed properly. 

Also, the bars ensure less tension on your vehicle which leads to better suspension and handling.

Andersen Hitches:

Andersen weight distribution hitch is extremely heavy duty and they are built to last. They even come with a lifetime warranty against rusting which adds an extra layer of protection for the consumer just in case there are any issues down the road after purchasing it!

Hensley Arrow:

The Hensley Arrow weight distribution hitches offer many different options when compared to similar brands on the market today. These products also come at affordable price points so you won’t have to pay out your nose for quality equipment that will ensure safety while traveling long distances behind large trailers or boats.

Weight Distribution Hitch Price Categories

Under $200: 

There are a few weight distribution hitches in this price range, but none that we can wholeheartedly recommend.


Within the $200-$400 category there is an abundance of quality hitches for you to choose from. This makes it fairly easy to find one that will suit your needs and budget. 

There isn’t much difference between these options when it comes to performance so the main differences come down to their respective feature sets and specifications such as tongue weights or gross trailer weight rating (GTW) capacities.

Under $500:

 We found only two products under 500 dollars and both seemed like good choices depending on what features were most important for you.

Over $500: 

Within the over $500 price range, there are some very good weight distribution hitches to choose from. They can handle much larger tongue weights and gross trailer weights than their less expensive counterparts while still offering all of the important features desired by consumers like an excellent sway control system or ample pre-tensioning force. Most offer built-in anti-rattle devices for a quiet ride too.

Buying Guide features

Spring Bars: 

Spring bars connect the tow bar to the truck and provide a lifting point for it. They can be made from steel or heavy-duty rubber, depending on your needs. If they wear out, you’ll have serious trouble so don’t buy cheap ones.

Tow Bars: 

The main purpose of a weight-distribution hitch is holding up an axel as high as possible so that it keeps its center of gravity over the axle for safety reasons when braking downhills with too much speed—or going uphill at all. There are many different types of hitches available which vary mostly in size and mounting options but also price range will play a role here.


This is where the spring bars are attached. It can either be round or square and will depend on your needs as well as its mounting options (see below).


Hitch’s weight also determines how much of a burden it’ll be for you to pull around with you. Keep that in mind when deciding which one to buy—more stability comes at a price, after all!

Hitch height: 

The higher this thing attaches above your truck’s axle, the safer it is going to drive down steep hills but also costs more money so keep an eye out here too if budgeting matters for you.

Tongue weight: 

This is how much the front of your trailer weighs while empty so keep that in mind when deciding on a weight distribution system. The lighter it is, the less hard you’ll have to work for this—but also get less stability which can be dangerous if you like traveling down steep hills frequently. 

Traveling with heavy loads (or animals) will need more stabilization too but costs more money and takes even longer to pull around with you!

Mounted options:

 If not pulled behind your truck these things usually come without trailers next to them since they are really big and aren’t easy at all to attach anywhere else than directly onto them (which makes sense). But some people do prefer pulling their hitches separately—which means you’ll have to buy both the weight distribution hitch and a trailer for it.

Frame Brackets: 

These are not always included or available for all hitches so keep that in mind when buying one. They make it easier to attach your weight distribution hitch onto the frame of your truck which can save you some time and trouble, but also cost more money than normal brackets do—so weigh that into consideration too!

Hitch Assembly: 

You should buy your weight distribution hitch from a company that will put it together for you before shipping—or at least gives instructions on how to do so yourself. It’s much easier when they’re already assembled and ready to go, trust me!

Sway control:

Any hitch worth its salt will come equipped with some kind of friction sway control hitch system to make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable. This usually consists of an anti-sway device that keeps the trailer from swinging too much due to winds or sudden movements by breaking down hard where needed, making sure nothing gets damaged this way.

 It’s important to know if any hitches include these systems before buying them though since they can get pretty pricey on their own.

Safety chains: 

These are a must-have, don’t buy any that do not come with them! They keep the trailer from swaying too much and getting away from you which can potentially lead to very dangerous situations.

 Always make sure these work properly before driving around with your weight distribution hitch—or better yet—before buying one in the first place

Hitch Size: 

The size of it will affect what is going to fit onto your truck as well as how stable it’ll be while traveling down steep hills for instance. If possible try taking measurements beforehand so that you know exactly what’s going on here but otherwise just compare different models yourself by looking at their dimensions carefully since they usually include all this information anyway.


A warranty is always great because it makes up for any damages during shipping and also protects from defects in materials or workmanship which can be hard to notice at first glance. 

Always look into these things yourself though, don’t just assume every single company has them since not all do so keep an eye out here.

List of Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitch

1. EAZ LIFT 48056 600 lbs

Eaz-Lift Weight Distribution Hitch Kit with Sway Control is a complete kit that includes everything you need to get the job done. The Eaz-Lift Elite WD Hitch Kit features a 600-pound weight distributing hitch, sway control, 2-5/16″ hitch ball & mounting hardware. The U-bolts and chain package are pre-installed on spring bars. 

The Eaz Lift Elite WD Hitch Kit allows you to save time with pre-installed components and a pre-adjusted hitch head comes with an adjustable ball mount for easy hookup.

Product Features:

  • Pre-installed sway control and hitch ball
  • Pre-installed U-bolts and chain package
  • 600 lb weight torque capacity

2. CURT 17501 TruTrack Weight

/The Curt TruTrack Weight Distribution System is a heavy-duty weight distribution system designed for easy setup and adjustment. It features a 1,000 to 1,500 lb. tongue weight capacity and 10,000 to 15,000 lbs. gross trailer weight capacity with a maximum tongue height of 18 in. 

This weight distribution hitch also includes an anti-sway assembly that helps reduce trailer sway by up to 90%. The anti-sway device can be removed when not needed for greater stability during travel. The TruTrack WD Hitch comes with a 2 in. x 2 in.

Product features

  • Integrated sway control
  • Spring cam system
  • Adjustable support bracket
  • Easy versatile setup

3. Fastway e2 2-Point Sway Control

The e2 2-Point Sway Control by Fastway is the only hitch on the market with built-in sway control. The e2 provides weight distribution and sway control in one system, making it simple to use. No more hassles of adding extra hitches or removing them when backing up or turning tight corners.

 With no backings or turning restrictions, the e2 is ready for any weather conditions and angles you can throw at it.

Product features

  • Built-in sway control
  • Bracket is mounted
  • No chains and add ons
  • The perfect hitch

4. Husky 32215 Center Line

The Husky Center Line WD/Sway Control is a combination weight distribution and sways control system in one unit. This eliminates the need for additional hardware and provides outstanding performance – drive it and see.

The Center Line WD/Sway Control has an adjustable handle that can be used to hook up or remove the bars, universal EZ Adjust frame brackets for easy installation and adjustment, forged and hardened steel components that deliver excellent long-term durability, hitch ball is factory pre-installed with the proper torque. The gross trailer weight capacity of this system is 6,000 lbs.

Product Features

  • Centerline TS superior performance
  • Factory-installed hitch balls
  • Lower installation time

5. Camco Chem 48774 Wd Hitch

Camco’s Weight Distribution Kit with Sway Control is a great way to tow your RV, boat, or trailer with your vehicle. It distributes the weight of the towed object between the tow vehicle and the trailer for an even distribution of weight. 

The kit includes two spring bars and three adjustable sway control brackets, which make it easy to adjust for different weights on either side of the hitch. This product is compatible with Class I, II, and III hitches on 2″x2″ receivers.

Product Features

  • Adjustable sway control
  • 1000lb hitch
  • 30-inch spring bar

Some important tips:

-Some hitches can get shipped with the springs and chains detached which means they’ll come in a separate box. Make sure you know what kind of brackets or installation kit you need before buying it since these parts are not always included!

-Check out customer reviews online to see how others have done when using this hitch for their trailers, that should give you an idea if it’s worth your time and money or not fast so keep that in mind too!

-If possible try taking measurements beforehand so that you know exactly what’s going on here but otherwise just compare different models yourself by looking at their dimensions carefully since they usually include all this information anyway.


Is the weight distribution system adjustable?

Yes, it can be adjusted to fit different tongue weights so if your trailer needs more or less support this is where you’ll usually find it. Just make sure that whatever hitch you buy has this option before buying one since they are not all made equal!

How do I know what size my truck requires for a weight distribution system to work properly?

You should check out customer reviews online of both models and companies to see which ones have good ratings overall—and then just try comparing them yourself by looking at their dimensions carefully since most include these details anyway.

What kind of warranty comes with a weight-distribution hitch?

-Warranties vary from company to company but chances are if you buy one that has good reviews online then it’ll probably come with a decent warranty too.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, weight distribution hitches are a great way to ensure that the trailer you’re pulling with is distributing its weight evenly between both vehicles so as not to cause any damage.

 We hope this blog post has been informative for those looking into these products in depth because now you know what each brand offers and how reliable they have proven themselves throughout time.

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