8 Best Jack Stands

The jack stand supports your vehicle when you are using a floor jack to change a tire or for other jobs. However, not all jack stands are the same! Some have weight capacities that are too low, some have weak legs that will collapse under heavyweight, and some don’t come with safety features like rubber feet or side clamps to help prevent slipping off the jack stand’s footpad. 

If you are looking for jack stands, there are many options to choose from. Here we will discuss heavy-duty jack stands and what they offer in terms of weight capacity, as well as how heavy duty jack stands can benefit your car or truck.

1. Torin Big Red Double Locking Jack Stands

Torin Big Red Double Locking Jack Stands is a jack stand that features a broad base for enhanced stability, safety locks on both sides of the jack stand foot pad to prevent accidental movement, and rubber feet. 

These heavy-duty jack stands are heavy-duty with good weight capacities. In addition, they have side clamps to help keep them in place while you are working with heavyweights.

Torin Big Red Double Locking Jack Stand is the customer’s top-notch choice in every situation.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Wide pyramid foot base.
  • Ratchet bar with multiple positions.
  • The surface area of the saddle is large.


  • For the double locking mode, the maximum capacity is six tonnes only.
  • Even though the minimum height level is too high for lower cars.
  • To avoid corrosion, the set jacks joints need to be greased regularly.

2. Pro-Lift T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand

Pro-Lift T-6903D Double Pin Jack Stand is the jack stand that Ford recommends for jack stands. The T-6903D jack stand has a weight capacity of 3 tons, so it is perfect for your heavy-duty applications! But what sets the Pro-Lift jack stand apart from other jack stands are its side clamps and rubber feet to help prevent slipping off this jack stand when you jack your car up.

And if you are looking for jack stands for your heavy-duty truck, the Pro-Lift jack stand is ideally suited.

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  • Stable Stamped Structural Steel.
  • Ratchet bar manufacture of super quality ductile iron.
  • Seamless dual locking system and adjustable pin.
  • Excellent for usage at home, in car and truck repair shops, farms, and stores.
  • Universal type fit.


  • Some customers have complained about the reliability of the rivets.
  • The polish wears off quickly.
  • Lack of a set of rotating tubular shafts.

3. Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand is one of the most reliable jack stands. This jack stand has a weight capacity that can withstand heavy-duty jobs like working on a farm or at a construction site, and it comes with rubber feet to help prevent slipping off the jack stand’s foot pad.

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  • Can hold up to 9000 lbs.
  • Rubber feet prevent slipping off the jack stand’s foot pad.
  • The safety chain provides security and ensures an even load.
  • Twisting is minimized by the use of a heavy gauge steel frame.


  • Saddles may be more prominent, and height adjustment isn’t as simple as with other jack stands.

List of Top 8 Best Jack Stands

1. Torin Big Red Double Locking Jack Stands

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

This product’s broad pyramid bottom is what sets them apart. It will provide you with the most incredible amount of strength and balance. They feature heavy-duty steel frames and are made of steel unlike aluminum jacks. The broad saddle provides the most power and flexibility while in use. The sawtooth shape of the multi-position, polished iron shaft allows you to swiftly and simply change the height levels before securing it in one position. 

This suggestion comes in two, three, or six-ton capacities. Most car drivers will be fine with a three-ton total set but go for the six-ton version if you have anything more significant. The elevating power on these jack stands is 11-1/4 inches to 16-3/4 inches, and the saddle has a broad area for more substantial interaction with your car.

Unfortunately, the quality of the welding is unreliable. When you use it, examine thoroughly to verify the welds are firm. When you expand these stakes to their maximum limit, they become twisted. These heavy-duty jack stands are ASME-approved and come with a one-year guarantee.

2. Pro-Lift Double Pin Jack Stand

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

This three-ton capability dual lock jack stand is made of forged steel for improved protection. They include an adjustable solid ductile iron gear and the releasing lever clamps into place after they’re safely installed beneath your car. The maximum load height is 16.5 inches, with an 11-inch base lift level. According to the designer, this set of jack stands also meets ANSI/PALD requirements, which makes them ideal for use at home, in the shop, or on the farm.

The rivets surrounding the bottom of the pyramid stand have been observed to be uneven by sure owners. Others have remarked that the coating appears to wear off readily, implying that rust might be an issue in long-term use.

3. Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

The Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand is a great, best-quality alternative if you ever want to lift heavy machinery or more significant automobiles. This set of floor jack stands has a capacity of 22 tonnes, i.e., 11 tonnes each jack, 22 tonnes in total.

The altitude of these pyramid stands may be adjusted from 13-1/3 to 19-2/3 inches. The support on the upper end guarantees the securing of more immense weight, while the massive retaining hooks keep them in place if the level has been changed.

There have been some bad reviews regarding the pyramid saddle’s stiffness when compared to other simple designs. Also, such jack stands are costly, but they are also worth it when servicing under a cumbersome car for individual safety concerns.

4. Sunex High Height Jack Stands

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

Sunex High Height Jack Stands are heavy-duty jack stands with a weight capacity of 6000 pounds. They can lift up to 12 tons, and they come in either straight or swivel jack stand styles. Sunex Low Height Jack Stands are jack stands with a weight capacity of 3000 pounds, can lift up to six tons, and come in straight jack stand styles only. These jack stands have the same great features as the jack stands with a weight capacity of 6000 pounds, but they are shorter, so they can be used in tighter spaces.

These jack stands have enough weight capacity to lift big vehicles and work on them in shops. They’re also short enough that you can use them anywhere you might need a jack stand. They come with pin-type jack stands, a four-legged steel foundation and are made of heavyweight gauge pipe for extra strength and balance. 

The position can still be adjusted by inserting only the pin, and the broad base made it easy to arrange the stands. The pyramid-shaped form of the saddle enables it to support shafts or other items beneath your vehicle, finding a safe place quicker.

5. Hein-Werner Jack Stands

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

Hein-Werner stands, with 6 Ton Capacity, are jack stands that are perfect for the home garage. They have a high weight capacity, they can handle more than most jack stands with this weight rating, and their welded steel construction means you don’t need to worry about these jack stands breaking or bending under heavy loads. The extra-long legs on Hein-Werner Blue/Yellow Jack Stands, Heavy Duty jack stands also means that they are very stable, even on uneven ground.

These jack stands have a low profile design which makes them great for working under vehicles with low clearance. If you need to jack up a vehicle with low clearance, or one that is particularly wide and heavy (like an SUV), these jack stands are strong enough to handle the job. These jack stands also come with safety features like side clamps and rubber feet to prevent slipping off jack points. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your floor or getting hurt from jack stands that may slip off jack points.

The raising limit is 16.25 inches to 25.75 inches, and the equipment comes with a two-year guarantee from the company. However, these jacks might not always lay perfectly on a flat plane surface. It is possible that this can be due to one leg being smaller than the rest.

6. Performance Tool Jack Stands

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

Performance Tool Jack Stands are jack stands that are easy to use and provide weight capacities of up to 6 tons. That is over 12000 lbs! They also feature jack stand safety arms for extra stability when you are working under heavyweight, rubber feet on each leg designed to prevent the jack stand from slipping off any surface it is leaning against (like steel beams or oil pans). 

The jack stand legs are also asymmetrical, so if the jack stand falls over when you are working under heavyweight, it will land on its feet instead of collapsing to one side. The six-ton jack stand raises between 15-1/2 inches to 23-1/2 inches if you have a bigger car. You will find this jack stands with a sturdy metal body and a broad saddle for additional strength. They are basic adjustable jack stands with a quick lifting mechanism that allows you to quickly secure them in position after you have reached the proper height.

While you are beneath your automobile, the double-locking key provides you extra support and is a terrific additional protective feature. These jack stands are around 30 pounds, so examine those for any breakage as soon as possible in the instance they have to be changed.

7. Powerbuilt Unijack Jack Stand

as of January 28, 2023 8:44 am

Powerbuilt Unijack is the jack stand that everyone should own. With a weight capacity of 4400 lbs, it can support cars and trucks up to 36000 lbs (160000 kg). It is made with heavy-duty steel for strength and durability but is still lightweight enough at only 20 pounds, so you will not have an issue carrying this jack stand around or using it in tight spaces. 

The jack stand’s foot has a wide base for stability, and the two legs can be positioned at different heights to accommodate vehicles of different heights. This jack stand even comes with rubber pads on the feet that help prevent slipping off!

Powerbuilt Unijack is available in both 11 inches (84cm) and 21 inches (107cm) jack stands and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The two-in-one solution may be adjusted to a range of lifting sites since it has all curved and plain lifting areas. They are typically designed to meet ASME/PALD requirements or even higher. The broad, straight bottom is a distinctive feature that provides balance and prevents settling on softer ground.

8. Cartman Double-Lock Jack Stand

Cartman Double Locking Jack Stand is one of the most popular jack stands on Amazon. They are made with hardened steel unlike aluminum jack stands and have a weight capacity of up to 15 tons! With this jack stand, you can lift your car without worrying about safety concerns or lack of stability. It has heavy-duty side clamps that help keep it stable while lifting, plus rubber feet for added protection during jack stand use.

This jack stand is rated at 15 tons, but that does not mean you should try to lift a car with it. You can safely lift up to your vehicle’s weight capacity using this jack stand! Naturally, these match or exceed ANSI standards and have a riveted framework for added strength. 

These jack stands do not have any distinguishing features; they just perform the job consistently and properly, with that double lock security option. Also, Some customers reported about their material quality and poor adjustment.

Types of Jack Stands

Three different basic types of best jack stands are heavy duty jack stands, standard jack stands, and ramps jacks. Other significant types of jack stands are discussed here so you can find one that meets your needs.

  • Long-Legged Jack Stands

There are jack stands with long legs so they can be used for extremely tall vehicles, jack stands that have a built-in jack for floor jacking the vehicle first to get it onto the jack stand itself. There are even some models out there with wheels on them, so you can easily move around your jack stand once you are done putting whatever heavy load is on top of it.

  • Ratchet Lock Jack Stands

Since it features a ratcheting technique to mechanically secure the support bar into position, this is one of the simplest types to operate. Even though most jack stands having ratcheting mechanisms are sturdy, it is the layout with the highest possibility of failure when compared to alternative clamping mechanisms. One with this particular machine has lower height adjustments, providing for additional agility in where the support may be placed under the car.

  • Pin Lock Jack Stands

Pin type jack stands are the best jack stands you may have seen on a mechanic’s workbench. They are extremely strong and are the best jack stand for heavy-duty jobs. They have a pin-lock design which means you can quickly and easily adjust them to different heights without having to use tools.

A pin is put into one of the slots to retain the support shaft in place after the position is set to hit the necessary crossing point below the car. It is not the quickest to deal with, but still, it is among the most reliable jack stands due to its basic construction.

  • Screw Lock Jack Stands

Screw lock jack stands are jack stands that use a jack stand’s weight capacity as its only safety feature. The jack stand has no side clamps or rubber feet, so when your car is on the jack stand, you need to make sure it does not slip off of the jack stand’s foot pad. This type is more durable than a ratchet stand but not as durable as a pin-lock jack stand. This model has the drawback of taking a longer time to perform the task than the other varieties.

Top Jack Stand Brands

  • Torin Automotives

Torin, which was established in 1993, sells its goods across America and Canada. Tires, levers, motors, pumps, and a range of heavy machinery equipment are among the company’s offerings. The Big Red Torin Steel Jack Stands are a sturdy pair of jacks that will keep your car in place.

  • Wilmar Corporation

Wilmar Corporation commenced production in 1971. It is one of North America’s top suppliers of professional mechanic tools. It is very critical to choose a high-quality product from such a renowned brand so you can be confident that it will get the task done once you have crept beneath your automobile. Performance tool is their most valuable and proud item.

  • Pro-Lift Manufacturer’s

Pro-Lift has been developing and manufacturing revolutionary automobile equipment since 1978. With a 100,000 square-foot facility located in Kansas City near International Airport, this company has become a significant supplier of lifting machinery in the United States and Canada. Their Pro-lift Double Pin Jack Stands are customers’ go-to choice.

Benefits of Using Jack Stands

  • Easy Service

Service is easier. You can operate on the car from the convenience within your own backyard using jack stands. It will save your time and money by not having to take your automobile to the mechanic every time for even small works.

  • Safety

Jack stands are also much safer than normal jacks because, unlike a floor jack that only has one point of contact with the ground (the centre of the jack pad), jack stands have two points of contact. This makes it far less likely for you to slip off and fall under your car. 

  • Increased Lifting

Automobile lifting requires the use of jack stands. They are made to lift an item, not to hold it for a longer period of time. However, if placed under continual strain, particularly if not well managed, there is a possibility of damage. Jack stands are designed to withstand static load safely throughout regular servicing.

Considerable Features Before Buying Jack Stands

  • Load Capability

The maximum load capacity of a jack stand is an important feature to keep in mind before making a purchase. Stands normally have capacities of 1 to 10 tons, while some are intended to hold more. 

  • Lock Type

Different lock types such as pin lock, ratchet lock and screw lock show different results, so make sure to know exactly what kind of jack stand you want to perform a particular job.

  • Height of Lift

Just like different lock types, different manufacturers offer several lifting heights for various items. As a small car does not have to be elevated as much as a medium SUV or lorry, most jack stands will do the job. The real concern comes with heavy vehicles that need to be lifted much higher. 


What car jack lifts the highest?

Pro-Lift Double Pin Jack Stand is the best car jack to get the highest lift of approximately 17 inches with 11 inches base.

What size jack stands do I need for my truck?

Usually, the size of jack stands ranges from 3 tons to 6 tons for a truck. But it also depends on the size of the truck; just like 4500 lbs needs a minimum of 3 tons weight. 


After reading this blog post, you should be able to find jack stands that are right for your needs. Jack stands are a great way to lift up your vehicles securely and safely. You can do the small tasks in the back of your garage. They are very simple to use; however, getting things done right is an important task.

Powerbuilt Unijack Jack Stand is a wonderful option if you are looking for a low-cost solution. Torin Big Red Double Locking Jack Stands, on the other hand, are the way to go if you want the highest output.

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