6 Best Engine Degreaser

There are a lot of engine degreasers on the market. Some are more expensive than others, while some have more features. This article reviews the best engine degreasers in the market today.

List of Top 6 Best Engine Degreaser

1. Aero Cosmetics Wash ALL Degreaser

as of June 27, 2022 11:32 pm

First on the list is this degreaser by Aero Cosmetics. This degreaser is very popular and gets a lot of great reviews for any car enthusiast to read through. The company has been around since 1999 and offers good customer service, meaning that they will do anything in their power to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

This product is not like most engine degreasers out there right now. It requires soaking instead of spraying or having to constantly pump away until grease softens up enough so you can wipe it off quickly. It’s an excellent choice for cars that have tough engines where removing old oil stains may be next to impossible without this type of degreaser.

One of the best things about this degreaser is that it’s environmentally friendly and safe to use in most places where you can legally spray a car with water. It does not harm any rubber or plastics, which means your gaskets will be protected from damage along with various other parts found on cars today, such as engine covers and manifolds. This degreaser also has a fresh smell, so if you have been looking for something that doesn’t emit horrible fumes into the air while dealing with tough grease stains, then look no further because Aero Cosmetics Wash ALL Degreaser spray bottle is what you need!

Pros of using Aero Cosmetics Wash ALL Degreaser

  • Great for vehicle engines where previous degreasers have failed to work
  • The contents in the spray bottle are environmentally friendly and safe on various plastics, rubber gaskets, engine covers, and more.


  • None so far!

2. Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser

as of June 27, 2022 11:32 pm

Another best engine degreaser at a budget-friendly cost is the Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser. This degreaser from chemical guys works on every surface, including engines to plastics and rubber surfaces. It can also be used in other ways around your home or garage because it contains no bleach agents. The citrus scent of this product is another great benefit because it cuts through grease and removes any foul odors. This citrus based formula is biodegradable and non-toxic, so it is safe to use around your home. If you are looking for an excellent degreaser that won’t break the bank, then this one from Chemical Guys could be exactly what you need! 

Pros of using this product

  • Fast-acting cleaning power that can remove oil stains in minutes.
  • Contains no bleach agents, so it is safe to use around your home or garage.
  • The non-toxic and biodegradable formula makes this product eco-friendly.

Cons of using Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser

  • May not work well with oil-based contaminants because the degreasing agent may be diluted in water after sitting on the surface for too long.
  • Requires you spray down area before spraying the product directly onto contaminated surfaces. Otherwise, it will take longer to break through grease/oil deposits (this would make sense if they were working against an oil). It also depends on which type of engine cleaner you are looking at – some products may say they are safe for use on paint, but you should check before using them.
  • May not be as powerful or effective as other chemical cleaners because it contains less active ingredients and has a lower concentration of the degreasing agent in its formula.
  • Scent can be overpowering if used directly from the container without being diluted first. May irritate the respiratory system if inhaled too much during the application process unless adequately diluted with water (this would also make sense). It can also affect those who have allergies to citrus scents – always do a test area first! Do not mix this product with any bleach-containing products as they will create toxic fumes when combined. This is why it says “do not use near open flames” at the bottom of the label next to warnings.
  • Can be expensive for its size – you will need to use more product per application if trying to remove stubborn stains/oils that have been sitting on the surface for a long time, but it is still affordable because of the large 16 oz bottle! The larger size also makes this degreaser one of the most effective values vs. cost ratio options.

3. Meguiar's D10801 Super Degreaser

as of June 27, 2022 11:32 pm

This is also another excellent foaming engine degreaser. This meguiar’s super degreaser has been around for over 25 years, and it’s still one of the best-selling degreasers in automotive care products. It is used by professional detailers, car washes, dealerships, and garages alike because of its cleaning power on tough grease on car’s engine or other surfaces where dirt accumulates due to grease, grime, or oil stains. 

Another great feature about this engine degreaser is that it can be diluted up to 32:01 depending on your needs which will help you save time & money when using this product instead of buying big jugs with small dilution ratios. This saves a lot, especially if you have substantial cleaning jobs ahead, so don’t hesitate to buy the bigger bottle since besides being available at a lower price, it also comes in a bigger size!

This is a great option if you’re looking for a clean engine, and you can even use this to clean greasy or grimy tools. Another thing that you’ll love about this product’s its smell, which smells like oranges, so don’t worry, your hands will not stink of chemicals but instead have a pleasant scent. The only downside would be the color since it turns into a brownish color instead of clear orange when mixed with water, but hey, at least it doesn’t stain. This degreaser has been tested on gasoline and diesel engines and still manages to keep up its effectiveness despite these conditions. However, if possible, try keeping them separate just in case they react together.

The best part of this engine degreaser is that it contains no CFCs and works great on cleaning engines, tires, tools, and other greasy surfaces. It can even clean electrical components, so there’s nothing you cannot use this for!

This product has received a rating of four stars out of five, which makes me think that people also love using this to remove grease from their cars and the environment since they feel safe knowing that this does not pollute water sources or harm trees in any way.

Pros of using Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser

  • Has a pleasant orange smell
  • Can be diluted up to 32:01, which saves you time & money in the long run
  • Great for removing the tougher oil stains from engines, tools, and other greasy surfaces.

Cons of using Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser

  • None so far! The price is also not that high compared to other engine degreasers out there.

4. Gunk Original Engine Bright

as of June 27, 2022 11:32 pm

If you’re looking for the best engine degreaser with an impressive cleaning power, look no further than Gunk foamy engine cleaner. This product is among the best engine degreasers on the market today, and it’s easy to see why many people choose to buy this over other options.

The Most Popular Choice Of Professionals If you want a choice with great cleaning power and that will last for years without causing damage or problems, go with Gunk. When used correctly, this cleaner can provide incredible results every time. Not only does it remove deposits from your engine, but it also keeps them away as well because of its coating action, which prevents future build-up and clogging in those hard-to-reach places like valves and injectors where gunk loves to hideout!

One thing to note about this cleaning agent is that it’s not exactly a cleaner in the traditional sense. This degreaser is designed to be used as an initial cleaning after removing any loose dirt from your engine, leaving behind deposits that will cause problems if left undisturbed.

This product is fast and effective, but it does need to be diluted before use. If you follow the directions on the label (and use a little common sense), then there’s no reason that this product won’t work for you like many others have found out already.

Of all the degreasers, this is one of the favorite degreasers that’s highly recommended to anyone who takes cleaning their engine seriously and wants something that will get results every time without fail!

Pros of using Gunk Original Engine Bright

  • Best engine degreaser on the market
  • Long-lasting and will not damage your engine if used correctly
  • Coats injectors to prevent future build-up

Cons of using Gunk Original Engine Bright:

  • Needs to be diluted before use
  • Might require a consistent application for maximum effectiveness (this is true for most cleaners).

5. Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner

as of June 27, 2022 11:32 pm

This is another excellent engine degreaser for your car. Griot’s Garage Engine Cleaner is a strong cleaner that will help remove the surface rust and grime from areas of your engine bay such as suspension, brake systems, etc. It features a high flash point which means it won’t burn off in hot weather conditions or evaporate quickly as other products might. The highly concentrated formula comes with safety gloves to ensure you don’t get any oil on your hands when using this degreaser.

This all-purpose cleaning agent works well because it’s pH balanced, ensuring no harmful effects on metal surfaces. In addition, this engine degreaser has been designed not only for cars but also trucks, lawn equipment, marine engines & more! This versatile cleaning solution can be used for anything, which makes it an excellent investment. The company offers free shipping on orders above $75, so you might want to check this out if the product sounds like something that would interest you!

This is another popular engine cleaner available in today’s market. It has been designed to penetrate oil, grease, and dirt easily without affecting your car’s rubber or plastic components. With the help of this engine cleaner, you’ll be able to remove any dirt and grime from your car’s exterior as well. The product has been featured in many top magazines such as Popular Mechanics & Road& Track, which is impressive!

This powerful degreaser can clean anything that oil or grease comes into contact with quickly. It features a low-foaming formula, so it won’t leave behind residue after using this degreasing solution. In addition, if there are any hard stains left on metal surfaces, they will brush right off, leaving everything looking new again! This engine cleaning fluid offers easier breathing for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, making it an ideal choice for everyone – not just people with sensitive skin conditions too.

Pros of using Griot’s Garage Engine Cleaner

  • This engine degreaser is excellent for cleaning the undercarriage, tires, and even your skin.
  • It will also remove grease stains from clothing.

Cons of using Griot’s Garage Engine Cleaner

  • Some customers have complained that this product smells a little too strong for them.
  • The price tag is also a bit steep, but you get what you pay for with Griot’s Garage products. This engine degreaser will run about $15 per bottle and can be found at most auto parts stores or online retailers like Amazon or RockAuto.

6. WD-40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

This is also another best engine degreaser in the market today. It is by WD-40 and can be used for cleaning engines, tools, equipment, and more.

This product works best on greases and grime with a powerful formula that penetrates deep into surfaces to remove caked-on dirt. At the same time, its foaming action breaks down heavy grease and contaminants without leaving any residue or build-up.

It also has 12 uses, making it one of the most versatile products I’ve seen in stores like Walmart, Lowes, etc.

Another good thing about this engine degreaser from WD-40 is that you will not have problems reading all labels since they are written clearly, making them easy to understand, especially if English isn’t your first language.

Pros of using WD-40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

  • It can be used on 12 different applications like car engines, tools, and equipment
  • Can effectively penetrate grease and grime with its powerful formula
  • Leaves behind no residue or build-up due to its foaming action

Cons of using WD-40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser Foaming Spray

  • The smell is a little too strong.

Benefits of using engine degreasers:

  • Reduce engine wear and tear.
  • Keep your car’s power plant clean and efficient.
  • Extend the life of your car engine and make it last longer.
  • Reduce oil leaks.
  • Keep your car’s engine clean and running smoothly.
  • Gives off a refreshing smell that will keep the undercarriage of your vehicle smelling great for days!

Tips On how to choose the suitable degreaser

  • Consider the Price:

There is no ultimate engine degreaser on the market today. However, we can narrow down our search by considering some factors such as price. Before you buy a product, consider how much money you are willing to spend on it and set that limit in your mind before browsing through different products available online or offline.

  • Consider the brand name

There are many different engine degreaser brands on the market today. Many of them are reputable and offer good products, but others don’t live up to their claims or can leave residue behind that damages your engine in the long run. Some degreasers require you to mix with another product, which means you need extra supplies just for one job instead of taking care of multiple issues at once. So before wasting time looking around town for a specialty cleaner, see what kind they carry first!

  • Consider the availability

It’s important to choose an engine degreaser that is accessible in your area. If you’re buying online, be sure the product ships to where you live and that there’s a good return policy.

Since many things can happen when using this kind of chemical, it would be best to check with your local authorities before purchasing one in case they require permits or licenses for its use to make sure everything goes smoothly during the purchase and application process.

  • Consider the Size

Depending on what you are using the engine degreaser for, it is crucial to consider its size. For example, if your car engine needs cleaning on a more regular basis, buying larger containers of engine degreasers will be beneficial because they last longer and save money in the long run.

If, however, you need an emergency degreasing job done on one occasion, then smaller bottles or jars might work better for this specific purpose. While they won’t last as long, they also don’t require any storage space, which could prove helpful depending on where you keep them!

Some people like to buy large bottles of cleaner but only use small amounts at a time (for instance, when working with something filthy), and in this case, they can make their smaller-sized bottles with the leftover cleaner.


What are the benefits of using an engine degreaser?

An engine degreasing solution is a chemical that breaks down grease, which is then flushed away.

How do they work?

With most products, you spray on top and wait for it to break down before flushing with water. Others are applied directly onto the engine or even hosed off, so whatever washes off goes straight into your storm drains/sewer systems, etc. This leads us to our next question.

Do they have any environmental concerns?       

Yes! If misused, these chemicals can lead to big problems in aquatic life, especially fish & crustaceans who rely heavily on their sense of smell and other animals higher up the food chain.

How long do I have before the engine degreaser works its magic?

It depends on which product you choose, but most require at least 15 minutes for any chemical reaction to happen. Some need less time than others, so check each product’s label for further information regarding application times, etc. If you find one that has a quick breakdown, then chances are your wait will be shorter (usually between 30 seconds-15 min). , clear coats, etc.

How often should I clean my engine bay?

This depends on your individual needs. If you make a lot of short trips around the city, like in stop-and-go traffic, then chances are your engine bay is going to be very dirty each time you come home again. For these people, it’s best to clean their engine bay after every trip or at least once per month (if they don’t drive that often).

What type of degreaser do I need?

There are two types; water-based & solvent-based degreasers, with both having pros/cons over one another. Water-based products tend to be easier on automotive finishes. In contrast, solvent-based ones tend to eat away paints, clear coats, etc. . However, solvent-based degreasers don’t require rinsing after use and can be used in many applications.

How do I know which engine degreaser is best for me?

This depends on a few factors that you will have to consider first before making a purchase. What kind of area will you spray it onto (engine bay, intake manifold, etc.)? How dirty is your vehicle’s engine bay? And lastly, what type of finish does the product come with not to damage any paint or clear coat finishes? Answer these questions and then decide from there. There isn’t one answer that fits all when purchasing an engine degreaser.

Parting Shot

There are a lot of engine degreasers available in the market today. You can find powerful, effective, and safe options for your car’s needs. Whether you need something ready to use or an industrial-strength product that requires dilution before use, it will be beneficial to read reviews first so as not to waste money on products that might not meet your expectations.

The best thing about searching online for these items is the price factor – you get more value because most websites offer discounts compared with brick-and-mortar stores. For example, some sites even sell their brand version of the product at discounted prices but still offer free shipping! How awesome is that? Go ahead, check out what they have to offer!

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